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May 12, 2007 09:33 PM

Moushi Soushi

I don't really believe in all you can eat Sushi places but some folks are saying this is actually a good place.

Anyone ever been? Comments?

Are there any other bring your own wine Sushi places besides this one?

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  1. "Are there any other bring your own wine Sushi places besides this one?"

    Two that I know of, both in Outremont/Mile End:

    Cô Ba (1124 Laurier West, 514 908-1889) styles itself as a pan-Asian eatery. Poshish decor and reasonable prices. The sushi doesn't have me hankering to return, though if I lived in the 'hood I might avail myself on the occasional evening when I didn't want to travel further afield or drop the bucks that a visit to nearby Mikado or Jun-i entails.

    Yuukai (5658 Parc, 514 278-4572) is a more traditional North American sushi bar. Stripped down, echoy decor and reasonalbe prices. The sushi can be quite good. Haldane reviewed it about a year ago:

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    1. re: carswell

      Where is Moushi Soushi? I googled it as spelled and got only two hits, neither with anytihng to do with Montreal restos.

      Glad to see the diversification of BYOW offerings! Now I need a good BYOJ tapas place - bring your own Jerez...

      1. re: lagatta

        Sushi Mou-shi
        5193 Décarie
        Montreal, Quebec
        H3W 3C2
        514 369-8860

        1. re: carswell

          I was there a couple of years ago, so it may have changed, but I have a couple comments regarding all-you-can eat in general and Sushi Mou-shi specifically.

          One, only go for all-you-can eat if you have a large appetite. I have had it twice and both times I felt I didn't eat enough to merit the price (I don't remember how much it cost though). If you can eat a lot, though, then of course it is a better value versus the a la carte option.

          Second, there were large lags between orders in both this place and the other one I tried the all-you-can eat option. This both made us annoyed (the place was not full so it was hard to understand) and limited the total amount we ordered because it got too late to order more. So go if you have a long time to eat and are patient!

          From what I remember, the quality was fairly good, and we did enjoy the food itself.

          1. re: Keramel

            I don't have a large appetite, usually. I love food but I can eat supper off a tapas plate and a salad plate. (I'm about 50, small and a bit plump. I'd be one of those people who are just about as wide as tall if I were a big eater...

            Will definitely inform friends who live in NDG. I don't think I'd cross town to go there, when the other two (especially Yuukai, an easy walk) are so close to me.

            By the way, thanks again carswell! I tried various spelling variants (thinking phonetically in both French and English) and none gave me the place.

            1. re: Keramel

              Completely agree with Keramel. The quality is good but I think they do it on purpose to make you wait between the orders so that you wind up eating less and not getting your money's worth even if you do have a big appetite. I would go back only if I knew I had the time to eat at a very very leisurely pace.

              1. re: hungryann

                Sushi Mou Shi all you eat Sushi + Maki is $19.95 Sun-Thur & $23.95 Fri & Sat

                As per their flyer they serve something called "Funkie-Monkie (Banana & salmon with a Banana sauce!) and other rolls with mango, grape and blueberry sauce!

                I am not a sushi expert but I have never heard of such concoctions and don't know whether to be curious or afraid.

                Can such blends taste good?

                Also can fine sushi be served so inexpensively?

              2. re: Keramel

                I thought ordering at Mou-shi would work the same way as with an all-you-can-eat-Chinese like - say - Zen whereby you order as many items as you want all at once then if you're still not sated, you order more?

        2. Used to eat here quite often and really enjoyed the Kaboom roll however the quality of the food has decreased and they have been involved with credit card fraud on several occasions...beware! and pay cash!

          1. I've been to Sushi Moushi a couple of times but wasn't impressed enough to keep going back. The service was also incredibly slow as others have mentioned.

            When I'm feeling ravenous for all-you-can-eat sushi we go to Asean Garden in NDG:


            They don't seem to mention it on their site, but for $22.95-25.95 (depending on the day) their all-you-can eat includes nearly all of the sushi, Chinese, Thai & other dishes from their regular menu. (The all-you-can-eat sashimi is more expensive.) I've had consistently great food there - the take-out is good, too - and the service is swift and attentive, even when it's busy.

            1. there's a very good byow sushi place in ville st. laurent on Decarie called kejaki. I order delivery from them frequently and the maki rolls are very good. everything is always super fresh.

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              1. re: C70

                Thanks for that C70 - I have their takeout menu but have been hesitant to order from them since I didn't know of anyone who had eaten or ordered from there & I hate paying good $$$ for delivery only to have it come cold or the food be really bad. Have you eaten in the restaurant & have you tried their Chinese or do you stick with the Japanese? I don't recall if they have an "all you can eat"?

                1. re: RhondaB

                  Nope, wehaven't eaten there yet. I've seen it, though, and it looks okay. clean and cute.

                  I've had some of their hot food too, and it was pretty good. Tried the Gen. Tao- chicken good, not too greasy, not too battery, but unfortunately no spice. Also had some veggie/noodle dish and the veg were nicely prepared and as I said earlier, very fresh.

                  I'm sure there's better sushi out there but you will not be disappointed if you need a fix. This past Satuirday we tried a deep-fried kamikaze maki-YUM, spicy salmon maki (my favorite), and I think a Boston maki- wasn't bad but wasn't real crab either, of course. Hubby likes the California roll so we had that too. 6 orders of maki in total and the bill was only $30, tax in.

                  1. re: RhondaB

                    Same here. It's in my pile of menus but somehow I always skip them. I will check them next time since a fellow CH'er recommends!