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May 12, 2007 09:27 PM

rum in the fridge?,affect of sugar on metabolising alchol?

I keep my rum in the freezer, is this good bad or?????? also,does the intake of sugar ,i.e. eating a piece of pie after a drink, affect the way your body process the alcohol?

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  1. Keeping alcohol in the freezer profoundly affects it in this way: It keeps it cold. That's about it. It doesn't change the alcohol content or makeup at all, unless you leave it there for 20 years. At that point, you might lose some to evaporation. Of course, it would evaporate much more quickly outside the fridge/freezer.

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      Oh yeah - Having sugar in your stomach will somewhat delay the absorption of alcohol. So will most foods.

    2. Eating after you drink doesn't help anywhere near as much as eating before you drink. If you have food in your stomach the pyloric sphincter (PS) (the valve from stomach to duodenum/intestine) closes down and so the alcohol is slowed in entering your digestive system, and it is mixed with food so it is also absorbed slower. If you have alcohol on an empty stomach it partially paralyzes the PS and so it remains partially open and the alcohol goes into your digestive tract at a much higher rateof speed and so is absorbed faster. Eating after you drink will slow down the absorbtion of any alcohol you drink AFTER that, but even though it mixes with the food it still gets absobed faster because the PS isn't working properly.

      Unless you are doing shots of vodka with your meal no other spirit should be stored in the freezer. The flavor is much less with a very chilled spirit. Also if you use chilled spirits to make cocktails then you get less dilution from the ice. This is a bad thing since you want the ice to melt a bit to water down a proper cocktail.

      So I think keeping the rum in the freezer can be bad, unless it is lousy rum you don't want to taste and you want your drinks to be very strong.

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        There are some drinks I prefer without ice, and keeping the liquor in the freezer makes it easier. For example, I can mix some vodka from the freezer with my bloody mary mix and simply stir. It saves the hassle of a shaker and strainer.

        I would never keep any kind of whiskey in the freezer. If I want it chilled, putting a few cubes of ice works just fine.