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May 12, 2007 09:08 PM

South Bay LA

I am still searching for decent Filipino food in SB/LB/LAX area. One with take away lunch preferred. Any suggestions please?

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  1. I know as much about Filipino food as I do about Imelda's shoe collection. Although lumpia, chicken adobo, and balut are about the extent of my culinary knowledge on this subject, I do know that the city of Carson has a fairly representative Filipino community. Hopefully that gives you at least a starting point in the South Bay.

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      Being Filipino myself, I have to say, you've got all the bases covered with the exception of one thing: rice. The old joke goes, how do you clear out a crowd of Filipinos? Tell them the rice cooker is broken.

      You might want to also look into Hawaiian joints as there's often cross-over between the two. One place I have in mind is Back Home in Lahaina in Manhattan Beach.

      Obviously Hawaiian will emphasis more sweet flavors, whereas Filipino food tends to emphasize salty (soy sauce), sour (vinegar) and garlicky flavors. Chicken adobo is most representative of this. But I'm just throwing it out there as a suggestion as I don't know if there's some specific dish you have in mind.

    2. Not definite if they do take-out or not, but I'm pretty sure that they do:

      DJ Bibingkahan
      840 B Carson St.
      Carson, CA 90745
      (310) 835-9190
      [Here's a recent write-up on it:


      Tita Celia's
      241 W. Carson St.
      Carson, CA 90745
      (310) 834-6289

      1. There's also Papillon in El Segundo on Main St. They are mainly a vegetarian place, but they also serve meat-based dishes.

        1. I don't really like Filipino food, but having spent time working in Carson I suggest the following:

          Cruise slowly eastbound on Carson Street, starting at the Harbor Freeway, check out the various strip malls, ending at DJ Bibingkahan just before the ramp to the southbound 405 Freeway. Then if necessary, travel westbound on Carson Street until reaching Starting Point A.

          I'm sure you'll find something.

          1. Check out the shopping centers at/near the intersection of Carson & Main in the city of Carson. I can't remember the name of the market, but on the northwest corner there's a Red Ribbon bakery (mango cake - yummm) and iirc another cafe. There are places on at least two other corners where you can find Filipino take out.