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May 12, 2007 09:07 PM

Eldos Grill & Brewery ? (inner Sunset)

Can anybody give some feedback on this place? Is the beer decent? How is the food?

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  1. Beer is good, and the food is traditional pub quality. Go for the beer and if you are hungry then order something to munch on. We always go during happy hour since they have some pretty good deals on beer and food.

    1. I think the beer at Eldo's is below average for SF brewpubs. Best food and beer are at 21st Amendment, though other places are close, such as Beach Chalet and Magnolia in the Haight. Even if location is crucial, and it's food you're after, there are so many better restaurants in the Inner Sunset. While Santon is my favorite, there are many, many options.

      1. i think it's a nice place to grab a beer and a bite, and a bit off the beaten path. the beer is good, the food is a bit more of a try for upscale pub food and it's a nice alternative to Park Chow, which I don't really like