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May 12, 2007 09:03 PM


Worth stopping in, if only to smell the verbena?

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  1. There is lots to see and do and most importantly, eat around Oxford. Just start out around the Square and work your way around; you won't go wrong. Don't miss Taylor Grocery (outside of town in Taylor, MS) for catfish though...

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      I spent the best 4 years of my life in Oxford...your crazy to not go! Have fun, drink a Sex on the Square and dine at the City Grocery, you won 't be dissapointed!

    2. Are you talking about Alabama or Mississippi?

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      1. "An Odor of Verbena" is a Faulkner short story. Thanks, Google!

        Oxford is well worth a drop-in. Even better to stay a while. I'll second the recommendation for Taylor Grocery, though as mentioned, it's about 15 minutes from town. Expect to smell like catfish for a couple of days. But the memory should last a lifetime.

        Square Books, City Grocery, and the upscale shopping scene are fun things to take in. And you may find some verbena in Rowan Oak!

        1. skip Taylor Grocery, the catfish is so overrated unless you like lots of salty breading on tiny fillets and the world's smallest hushpuppies. it's more about the scene of byob and drinking during the long wait on the porch. my favs are Ajax and City Grocery.

          1. Oxford is known as one of the best small towns in America. The food is outstanding. And you should visit William Faulkners Home and the Ole Miss campus. The campus is beautiful and the girls are even more beautiful. The best restaurant is City Grocery but others like L & M's along with 208 which is just south of Square Books. John Grisham is in town quite often. Ajax is soul food on the Square and Ole Venice Pizza is great for lunch. Yocono River Inn is pretty neat too. Have fun.