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May 12, 2007 08:15 PM

Belden Lane in SF

Any recommendations for a restaurant on Belden Lane in SF? I've heard about Belden Ln. being a really good time, but I don't know which restaurant to choose. Thanks!

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  1. Belden Lane is nice for a warm evening since it's a lot of alfresco dining. It feels very European with all the tables crammed in the pedestrian-only block. The only place I have eaten at is Cafe Claude, and that's been a couple of years, but it was good food and has a nice bistro ambience. Sorry I can't be more specific. It's also a good choice for lunch if you are in the Financial District. For july 14th (French Bastille Day) they have a big, crazy street party--fun if you like crowds.

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      FWIW, Cafe Claude is not on Belden Alley, it's on Claude Lane...

    2. I've only tried Plouf and Cafe Bastille. Loved Plouf, have been back twice. Cafe Bastille...all I have to say is, there's a reason why it's more empty than the rest...

      1. I've had some very nice dinners at Plouf and B44. I have only been to Cafe Bastille once and don't remember what I had, but I remember that I thought it was nice and not bad.

        1. I had a nice dinner at B44 about a month ago. Nice ambiance, good service. The food is Catalan/Spanish. I'd suggest you avoid the mainstream tourist dishes such as Paella Valenciana and try the more uncommon ones. Trust the wait staff

          1. I have tried Cafe Bastille, Plouf and B44. B44 was my favorite and Plouf my least fave. I thought that Plouf was overpriced and boring and the mussels wern't that good. My friends and I tried 4 different kinds and all were unmemorable. B44 was fun and the service wasn't too snooty as most of the places there can be.

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              B44 is the best bet for quality cuisine and service on Belden. Plus, the Catalan food is authentic, as the owner is from Catalunya.