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May 12, 2007 07:29 PM

Late-ish eats near LAX (not In and Out), maybe Ayara?

I have the pleasure of going to LAX twice tonight: once to pick up my boyfriend and again a few hours later to get his luggage. I'm picking him up a little after 9pm and thought we could grab some food to kill time before going back to LAX around 11pm. Any suggestions of nearby eats (and possible cocktails) to pass the time? Encounter stops serving at 9:30pm. My CH search on this topic came up sparse and not very recent. Also, depending on what time they close, I am considering Ayara. Posts seem positive on this restaurant but I'm a bit wary-- is this an upscale Thai place or Asian fusion? I'm Thai, and though I'm completely open to upscale Thai eateries and modern, tasty interpretations of authentic dishes, I've found it hard to find a place that does these well. My most recent point of reference is Naraya on Robertson Blvd; the only thing I liked about the place was the ambience. Any suggestions?

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  1. What you two want is Shula's 347 Grill at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel. It's almost like it was designed for people with your predicament. I've been. The food is tasty and I love the atmosphere. It's new but has an old style quality that is hard to find in LA.

    Here's a review:

    1. Pann's is an option.

      1. Run North on Sepulveda, go west at Lincoln, then North again to Santa Monica Airport.
        Try Typhoon on Southside of SM Airport. Good drinks, good food, not too trendy.

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          Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We ended up going to Shula's and it worked out perfectly. I wasn't that hungry so I had a few sides, but my boyfriend had a delicious steak and we split a decadent molten chocolate cake. The portions were quite generous and the service great. The environment was also very conducive to lingering and chatting, so the time went by quickly. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in the same situation!

          1. re: Skorgirl

            So glad to hear things worked out for you at Shula's. I forgot to mention that it's good for lingering. I was going to mention Pann's which I like a lot. But late night lingering should include the option of alcohol and they don't serve it at Pann's.

        2. In response to your questions re: Ayara: The best Thai in LA is in Hollywood. I live on the Westside and have tried many Thai places including Thai Boom, and find that Ayara is the best for the Westside. It is not upscale fusion. I enjoy their noodle dishes. I would be curious what your impressions of the food would be.

          Restaurant closes at 10 every night, so it might barely fit your late night criteria.