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May 12, 2007 06:36 PM

Sunday Champagne Brunch

So yes I know its mothers day tomorrow and i'll call my mom :) but I have a friend in town and i'd like to take her out for breakfast/brunch i've never really been to a champagne brunch so i thought that would be nice. I am looking for something with possibly a view doesn't have to be of the water but that would be nice.

I have already called Shutters on the Beach and they are booked as is Thousand Cranes. Those seemed to be the top two mentioned on here.


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  1. As far as location anywhere within a 40 minute drive "on a sunday" of Glendale. The farthest i'd want to drive would be malibu but i'd prefer not to go that far.....

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      And price "under 50.00 per person before tip."

    2. It's not the best food or champagne, but sitting out on the patio over the water sipping champagne at Shanghai Reds in the Marina can be really fun. I think it's a little over $30 per person. They might be booked for mother's day too, though...

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        Thanks good idea but I just called they are booked. Gah guess everyone likes to do brunch on mothers day.

      2. Add Trumps Ocean Trails to the list of booked places.

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          Here's a list of places that have availability for tomorrow. I don't know which ones might have a champagne brunch, but you may be out of luck at this late hour. Maybe there's somewhere on this list your mum may like? Cafe Del Rey seems like a great choice if you're willing to drive that far. One Pico seems to be open too.

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            Thanks for the list any others you see on there? I checked out cafe del ray they are 60.00 per person for brunch before tax or tip so that won't work. And I called one Pico and they were totally booked don't know why they are on open table plus they are 75.00 per person before tax or tip. I don't really want to spend more then 50-60 a person with tax and tip.

        2. Ben, Tough day to try to pull this off. I suggest you pick a place in your price range and go put your name on the wait list and chill, if you want to eat around 11 get there around 9:30 or 10 and pray you are in your seat by 11-11:15. Remember Mother's day is for amateurs, service will be ok or a little better, people will be stressed around you cause they are not seated on time and the want the world, on the busiest day of the year at most restaurants. I remember a mother's day at Empress Pavillion many years ago..........never again! Good Luck and as Frankie says R E L A X ! ! !

          1. I was just on line for Pane E Vino on Beverly Blvd near La Cienega. They have a brunch for 45. Call them they might get you in, they did for me.