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May 12, 2007 06:30 PM

Strange-but-heavenly peking duck sandwich

There's this place on Mulberry St., right near the Golden Buddha Supply store down near Columbus Park (right side of the street, if you face toward the part) that has this strange but absolutely wonderful peking duck sandwich.

I've only had it once, but it's a piece of fall-apart, sauce-drenched duck, plenty of skin, with some sort of mild cucumber pickle and letuce stuffed between two pieces of what I can only described as round steamed bread. Totally delicious. I think it was less than $10.

If anyone comes up with the restaurant name, I'd love to heard about it. I think it's Vietnamese.

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  1. Mmmm! That sounds good! I am trying to picture this place. Which block is it? The block with the funeral homes or the next block?

      1. re: DarthEater

        I don't think it's Chanoodle, but it may be nearby. I seem to remember a distinctly unimpressive storefront.

        It's the block right above where the street turns a bit to the east, so I think it's the block above the funeral homes.

      2. Sounds similar to Province ( which is also yummy!

        1. Wow, lettuce? Was it iceberg or some other kind?

          Growing up in California, I only ever had Peking duck with mantou (steamed buns), rather than the "East Coast style" of serving it in a tortilla-like pancake.

          1. If you poke about under the Manhattan Bridge on East Broadway, you will find duck sandwiches in that kind of bread for a dollar shot. Now, there is some risk of the duck being fatty or salty, but at that price it's worth a shot.