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May 12, 2007 06:15 PM

Indian delivery near Washington Square Village??

Tired of ordering our delivery from the same Japanese and Chinese places. Dying for some Indian delivery but no menus have ever shown up in the millions that get shoved under our door. Any recommendations on a place to try so that we can start a relationship with a new restaurant?


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  1. I like Surya on Bleecker between 7th Ave S. & Grove. I've enjoyed the aloo tikki, chicken korma and saag paneer.

    1. how far west are you? call brick lane and see if they'll deliver to you

      1. If Brick Lane won't delivery to you (they won't deliver to me) try Karahi on Christopher St

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        1. Try Ghandi Cafe on Bleecker near 7th Ave.

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            I hate to be a voice of dissent-- but I had been going there for some time and it seemed that recently the meat was all incredibly overcooked/dry and not such great quality.

          2. Not sure if you're within the delivery zone, but the food at Lassi on Greenwich Ave near 10th street is incredibly good. It is a tiny place that offers changing specials every day.
            I can't recommend the food enough.