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May 12, 2007 05:58 PM

Boston's best for lunch & dinner (Kid friendly)


My family and I will be spending a day in Boston. We are looking for a great lunch and dinner spot. Preferably with seafood on the menu for dinner, but not Legal seafood, been there done that. Any recommendations with nice atmosphere?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi Isamtl,
    I just wrote this post to someone who was expecting visitors to Boston. I think it will work for you, too.

    Eating in a place like Durgin Park is a great experience. I still remember going to Durgin Park when I was 8 years old and visiting Boston. Now it's almost 50 years later, I live here, and DP is not terribly different than it was back then (except the neighborhood is "improved.")The food is better than decent, and you will find many memorable aspects: seeing baked beans, Indian pudding, biscuit-based strawberry shortcake, and other traditional Boston foods on the menu; getting the little handouts with the poem about the boy and the recipes in the old fashioned print; the red-checkered table cloths, eating at those long tables with folks you might not know (if you don't like to do that, you don't have to, but I always think it's part of the fun.); the crumbly cornbread, those long narrow stairs up to the dining room, etc, etc., etc. The waitstaff is far more pleasant (and a lot younger and thinner) than they used to be, but they'll put on a rude face, just to make you smile.
    My husband's family is from the midwest, and they have found many choices for even the pickiest eaters. It's plain food, done well. If your husband doesn't eat seafood, there's plenty of other stuff on the menu. I still hear from former visitors about the prime rib that "practically falls off the plate, it's so big!" (or the plate is a little small, maybe?). If he is able to tolerate other folks eating seafood, this is a good place to try steamers, oysters (raw or fried are great) and lobster.
    In addition to the DP experience, most visitors really like to check out Quincy Market, which you can do before OR after you eat, since most of the shops are open pretty late.