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Where I can find authentic Quesadillas de Huitlacoche

Looking for best Quesadillas de Huitlacoche other than the Border Grill in SM please.

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  1. Guelaguetza has them on the menu.

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      Tacos Clarita in East LA, written up here many times is highly recommended...

      1. re: TastELA

        Thanks, I hope they are not from the can.

    2. Sabor A Mexico!

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      1. re: sel

        Sel, what city please?

        1. re: frugalgourmet

          Google knows all, (came up as the first return under the name Sabor A Mexico and Los Angeles):

          Sabor A Mexico
          8940 National Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90034
          (310) 280-0380

          1. re: tony michaels

            Thanks Tony.

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              Hey frugalgourmet, call first because I haven't been for about a month and I know that I saw quesadillas with squash blossoms but I might be wrong about the corn fungus and if so I appoligize!

              1. re: sel

                I read so much about things being done right there I have to go for a visit anyway. Haah those tripes! Thanks anyway for a great tip.

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                  Yeah, I dunno if they regularly do. I didn't see it on the menu when I went (I would have ordered it if I had...) I like Guelagetzas, but it doesn't beat the stuff I've had in Mexico tho'...


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                    Yeah, your like me. Once you had the real thing from Mexico, you're hooked.

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                      I will say this, the BEST dish with Huitlacoche in the City is La Huasteca's Filete in Huitlacoche. Worth a try if you are fungus fiend like me! :)


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                        Are you talking about in Mexico City?

                        1. re: frugalgourmet

                          No, I'm talking about Los Angeles, Lawndale to be exact! :)


                          1. re: Dommy

                            Dommy, googled it and found one in Lynwood.

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                              Yes! Lynwood! Ack... I should never post after class.. my brain is too mooshy then!


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                                La Serenata de Garibaldi in Boyle Heights has them too, as well as fish with huitlacoche sauce, but it's not huitlacoche season so it will probably be tinned until summer.

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                                  Das, you mean this place actually ferments the corns in house? This is exactly what I am looking for in the LA basin. Tired of hitalcoche coming from a can. Thanks,

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                                    Erm, well... they use fresh huitlacoche when it's available.

                                    Huitlacoche can't be produced "in-house" -- it's corn smut, that is to say, a disease which attacks corn plants and causes normal corn kernels to swell up and fill with spores. Happens right on the plant and is harvested before the corn is ripe. A bit disgusting-sounding but it tastes good.

                                    The USDA was going to allow people in certain states to deliberately infect corn with smut, but it's slow going because it's actually a disease that's fairly easy to spread, so "normal" corn farmers don't want it within ten miles.

        2. El Huarache Azteca in Highland Park has delicious quesadillas of huitlacoche on weekends. I suspect the huitlacoche might be canned, but the quality of frying is extremely high.

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            taco bell!

          2. the trucks by la favorita bakery in ELA just north of 4th street

            1. Monte Alban in West LA has some huitlacoche on the menu, but I cannot remember if it's in a quesadilla or not. However, I've found them to be incredibly accommodating, so you might be able to get them to make it for you. Their food is outstanding.

              1. Nina's deep fried quesadilla stand on Breed St and Cesar Chavez makes a good one. Just South of CC. $3. Nina is one of the 2010 top six finalists for the 2010 Vendy Award. A surprisingly modest food stand. See my review. http://www.meetup.com/Foodies/message...

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                  I thought they shut down the Breed St vendors?

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                    Nina was the only one on Breed St So of CC. The rest were cleared out, there were some that moved to Soto and I found a delicious chorizo taco at 6th and S Chicago, a residential area.