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May 12, 2007 04:56 PM

"Sesame" Chinese place in STL

Went there tonight after a quick google for a nearby chinese place showed good reviews.

Overall, the food was ok, the service was great.

Had fried calamari rings for an app, was nothing spectacular but the breading was salty and good. The crab rangoon was average frozen fare (I much prefer the "crab angels" at Manee thai). I had the governor's shrimp which is tempura deep fried shrimp with veggies and brown sauce (spicy), it was ok, nothing spectacular. It was however plated with a nice radish cut to look like a rose.

The SO had broccoli chicken it was ok, again nothing spectacular.

They serve tea with all the meals, it was a nice restaurant and the service was great. I would try it again (but then again I've never had "Great" chinese either, I much prefer thai).

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  1. those are some wildly positive reviews. always loong for non-chain food out at Watson and 44 area. Thanks for the rec

    1. For chinese in St. Louis I recommend Jade Garden (a favorite of the Chinese students at the college at which I teach; they have a separate menu if you want "real" chinese fare with unusual animal parts), or LuLu's of the huge menu, or Wei Hung Seafood. All are on Olive St. Rd.

      1. I love the sesame house. I've been going there since I was a little kid. My grandmother does not like Chinese food but likes sesame. The house special beef, ruby and crystal shrimp, and lake tung ting shrimp are personal favorites.

        Although not exactly close by, LuLu's is amazing and really the place to go. I knew it would be good the first time I went there and most of the customers were actually chinese. That was my first experience with chicken feet.