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Darnit, now I got a hankering for cajun or creole

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Back from New Orleans and now starting to miss the food again.

Anyways, where besides the usual suspects of Harold and belle's, uncle darrow's, the gumo pot , and creole chef?


Oh, and my posting on new orleans eats from a weeks back is on the New Orleans board.

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  1. Not great but pretty good is Bourbon Street Shrimp. There is one on Pico in West L.A. and another one somewhere else (oops, I forget where the other one is located!!).

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      Bourbon Street Shrimp
      West Hollywood
      8454 Melrose Ave
      W Hollywood, CA 90069
      (323) 653-2640

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          Then maybe they are down to one location.

      1. After last weekend nothing here is going to Laissez les bons temps rouler. I have faced this problem for years...closeest is, I guess, Hermosa's Ragin Cajun Cafe http://www.ragincajun.com/main.html

        1. Here's some I've enjoyed (God, do I miss the potato souffles w/ bearnaise at Galatoire's) and I'm sure, with a little digging, you'll find more great joints out in Inglewood:

          Gumbo Shack
          128 N Market
          Inglewood, Ca

          Bayou Grille
          1400 N. La Brea
          Inglewood, Ca

          1327 E. 4th
          Long Beach, Ca

          Uncle Al's (Never seen it in NOLA but if you're a dessert guy, get the dump cake)
          400 E. 1st
          Long Beach, Ca

          Heard good stuff about this place and I've always wanted to try it (and just so happen to forget about it whenever I'm in the vicinity looking for food):

          The Spot
          2032 N.Lincoln
          Pasadena, Ca

          P.S. Anyone know if Frank and Joe's Smokehouse (formerly Cajun Way) is still open?

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            i think mossville has closed.

            too bad i didn't get the chance to try the pommess souffles with bernaise at galatoires. (they were closed on mondays, )