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May 12, 2007 04:17 PM

Pittsburgh, local favorites please (+ sushi)

I will be spending a few days in Pittsburgh next week and would love some recommendations. We will be staying in Green Tree (west Pittsburgh), so anything nearby would be great. We're looking for anything that is unique to Pittsburgh (we're from Dallas). Plus, we have to have sushi at least once, so a sushi rec would be appreciated as well. Thank you!

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  1. Umi in Shadyside for sushi...20 minute drive... not cheap, maybe a little attitude mixed in also.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Greentree is close enough to downtown, strip district, and south side that all the usual recomendations to those areas in previous threads are available.

        I don't know from sushi, but I just today dined at the Silk Elephant Thai restaurant in Squirl Hill for the first time with great enjoyment. I had sticky rice with something on it and some other stuff on it, too. For dessert! Who eats rice for dessert? It was so good, I ordered another dessert to take home.

        1. Not much right in Greentree. There is Cafe Euro in Scott, at end of Rte. 121 (Greentree Rd.) - it's a casual American place owned by the folks who own LaMont (old school tuxedo dining). Nothing outrageous or off the charts great, but still unique for here, possibly steak and seafood treatments you might not find in Dallas. Not the overall best choice, but might be best good restaurant nearest Greentree.

          For sushi, if you didn't want to go downtown, you could try Little Tokyo in Mt. Lebanon. The Washington Rd. area is probably the best concentration of South Hills dining - Il Pizzaiolo, Bistro 19, Little Tokyo, plus a huge Irish bar (Molly's) and a regional mid-East chain (Aladdins) in addition to some others. But still, you'll find better choices for everything downtown (ok, maybe not the pizza). You can also try Iovino's on Beverly Rd. in Mt. Lebanon. Haven't been, but it has good reviews.

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            Agree with your comments about Euro. I thought it was a little costly. Another couple of miles would get you to Scoglio’s in Heidelberg/Collier. Not overpriced.

            I know Il Pizzaiolo and Bistro19 and they are good recs. We think Bistro19 is one of the best places around.

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              Cafe Euro has been closed now for about a month or so. Iovino's is outstanding. It is a BYO and the food is consistently very good. The chef was just named best new chef in the city by Pittsburgh Magazine.

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                Thanks for letting us know Cafe Euro is no more. Any idea why? Too similar to Atria's maybe?