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May 12, 2007 04:03 PM

Went to the farmers' market today and bought...

some ramps and wild garlic. Now, what do I do? I have only read of them and would love some recipes.


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  1. Faijay: could you explain to this old man what are ramps? I am curious and would
    like to know.

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    1. re: bigjimbray

      Ramp is a wild chive that is wildly chive-y. If you find the range of tastes including garlic, chives, and onions to be on your favorite list, then you migh find ramp to be your achilles heel. Ramp is like all three above combined, concentrated and a then put on a manic diet of chive steroids. Think of what Barry Bonds looked like when he played with the Pirates versus what he looks like now with the Giants. The smell and flavor of your average chive is synonymous to pre-steroid Barry in Pittsburg, while the smell and flavor of ramps is the equivalent to post-steroid Barry in San Francisco, but without the punky jerk attitude and denials. If you've ever eaten garlic chives, it's like that but more, much more intense.

    2. I saw this recipe in the newspaper - it sounds interesting. I'd probably use a plain old chicken, but that's me.

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      1. re: lad1818

        Thanks, I'll probaly try it tomorrow. Now what to do with the wild garlic?

        1. re: faijay

          If you like Korean style side dishes you could try this recipe: