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May 12, 2007 04:01 PM

Galatoire's for lunch

Does anyone know if jackets are required for a weekday lunch at Galatoire's? It says on the website jackets for dinner and all day Sunday, which I would interpret as meaning that lunch is OK for no jacket. Its just that my husband and I were hoping to travel light and he doesn't really want to bring one ... I wanted a confirmation from someone who knows

Also from someone who knows - is the menu the same at lunch or is there a different one, and is it a good place for lunch? (We were thinking of going on a Friday or Saturday)

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  1. I think they will let you in without a jacket at lunch, but most people will be wearing one. Friday lunches at Galatoire's are pretty rollicking, lots of people let lunch run right on into dinner, given enough martinis. Menu is the same.

    1. Jackets are NOT required for weekday (or Saturday) lunch, although I always wear one anyway. It could be argued that Friday lunch at Galatoire's is among the most definitive experiences of New Orleans culture. If you have a chance to go, do not miss it!

      1. I would definitely wear a jacket. Though it might no longer be required, it will be in keeping with the attire of most of the diners.

        As to the menu question, I cannot answer that - sorry.


        1. Menu is the same for lunch or dinner. Go to for a recent review on Galatoire's and what to order:

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            One of the best all-around culinary adventures possible is Friday lunch at Galatoire's. Bring along the jacket, you'll feel more like a "regular" plus you'll show respect.

            This place has been in business 102 years. You'll eat well (try something you've never had before) and have fun with those around you....