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May 12, 2007 03:01 PM

Burned-out and in need of a quick one-dish meal

Please help, Hounds. I'm totally burned-out and need a one-dish dinner that I can put together quickly out of UN-EXOTIC ingredients from my supermarket (i.e. no lamb or shallots or reggiano). And please no tomato-heavy or very spicy dishes either. TIA

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  1. rotisserie chicken from the supermarket, one or two baking potatoes that you roast at 350 for an hour and some frozen veggies (baby broccoli?) should ease that stress. a decent wine helps.

    1. Whip up a box of chicken flavored rice-a-roni according to package directions. Five minutes before they are finished, add some frozen veggies (I like to use peas and broccoli, but use what you like) and raw, shelled shrimp. Put the cover back on the pot and cook until the shrimp are done, about five to seven more minutes.

      1. Uncooked rice and chicken broth and whatever seasonings, then throw some seasoned pork chops or chicken pieces (skin on) right on top of the rice and bake it all together. Microwave some frozen veggies and you're all set. Or stir some frozen broccoli right in with the rice.

        Here's an example of proportions for the baked rice:

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          Yeah man. Or you can go with the classic Campbell's soup version of this. Mix the uncooked rice with a can of cream of mushroom soup and water or broth, top with chicken, season, cover, back for 45 minutes.

        2. How about no-dish?

          Nice sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with local tomato, chopped basil, salt, fresh-cracked pepper. Mayo if you're so inclined. One of my favorite meals in the world. (but does include tomato so not sure if this doesn't count)

          Another old favorite, sans tomato, is to cook some rice then mix in diced cheese (I like to do smoked gouda) and pesto and sprinkle parmesan on top. Good comfort food.

          1. One pound rice, cooked (cook while browning sausage & onion)
            One pound browned pork sausage
            One chopped onion (brown with sausage)
            One can sliced waterchestnuts
            One can sliced mushrooms
            One can cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup
            (if it looks a little dry, add half a can of water or broth)
            Salt & Pepper to Taste

            Dump it all in a casserole dish, mix it up and bake at 350 for 45min or so.