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May 12, 2007 02:57 PM

Fatted Calf Boudin Noir

What is everybody's experience with this? Is it precooked?

What do you normally serve it with? and how do you prepare it?


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  1. You have to cook it, typically pan fry it on medium-high heat until the casing is a bit brown and crisp.
    On the side you can serve mash potatoes or apple slices pan fried in butter or both.

    1. They're the best I've found around here. I think they're precooked, they don't take long to firm up.

      I cook them like any sausage, but that's a topic for the Home Cooking board.

      1. It's good -- black sausages often are -- but make sure your dining companions want to eat them if you are serving them to others. I, for one, like grated horseradish with blood pudding.

        You could -- at least a year ago you could -- also find a good blood sausage from the Middle West at Polish Deli on Cambridge in Palo Alto.

        Try mashed turnips with blood sausage, or mashed rutabaga, which is a typical alternative in Scotland, where it is called bashed neeps. (Contrast England, where a rutabaga is called a swede. Root vegetables, like sausages, have a byzantine nomenclature.) The slightly sour, slightly sweet character of turnips seems to me better complement to the richness of the sausage than lumpish potatoes.

        1. Spanish Table has several varieties, and Cafe Rouge makes them from time to time, but Fatted Calf's are the best of the bunch.