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what are the best farmers markets and roadside stands in NJ??

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especially interested in markets and stands that only sell local produce, dairy, honey and baked goods.

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  1. You might want to get a copy of Brian Yarvin's "Farms and Foods of the Garden State". Brain used to be a regular poster on the old chowhound site. I really like the book. Each chapter is a profile of a different New Jersey local farmer or producer. Very diverse and covers the whole state.

    His web page also includes lots of good links about local foods.

    1. Visit the "pick your own" listing thru NJ Dept of Agriculture and in June the magazine Edible Jersey launches.



      1. The Trenton Farmers Market is a real farmers market. The vast majority of the food is local and seasonal, although there are a few gourmet food stands and a Polish deli thrown into the mix. This is the perfect time to start going as the asparagus, spinach, onions and flowers are in. Next door to the market is the Halo Farms dairy, which will give you incredibly inexpensive, BHT-free dairy products.

        1. Sadly, several of the family-owned roadside stands near our home that I've gone to regularly throughout the years are no longer selling produce and other food items. A couple have now reduced themselves to selling just flowers and plants. :-(

          One that is still fully operational is Stattel's, on Route 530, just west of Route 79, in Marlboro. They sell their own corn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini. Also fruits and vegetables from other sources. In the fall, they do "pick your own" pumpkins and hayrides. I had a conversation with the owner towards the end of the summer season last year. He said he's trying to hang on as long as possible because he loves farming, but it's really tough.

          Battleview Orchards, in Freehold, is a market that sells some of their own produce. Last year, their strawberries were absolutely sensational! I bought them already picked, but you can pick your own. This year's season starts Wed., May 16th. Later in the season, there'll be peaches. They also sell their own baked goods.


          Delicious Orchards, of course, is huge -- a full-service food market. They sell local produce in season though I'm not sure how much of it is their own. They have pick-your-own. They have a vast variety of their own baked goods. The pies and cider donuts are especially popular.


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            The Berry Farm behind Delicious Orchards is not related to the full service market. The gentlemen who operates the berry farm is a hard-working, educated businessman.

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              That's interesting. I'm pretty sure I saw something about pick your own on the D.O. website last year. Their fields could be elswhere.

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                THE BERRY FARM
                Route 34
                Colts Neck Township
                (732) 294-0707

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                  FYI, The Delicious Orchards website offers a link in the fall to "Eastmont Orchards" in Colts Neck for apple picking.

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                    which I believe falls under the "landlord" category of farms in that area.

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                One more I forgot: Wemrock Orchards, in Freehold.

                Btw, The local strawberry season is underway. While I haven't picked my own yet, on Monday, I bought boxes from both Wemrock and Battleview. A few days before that, Wegmans had a shipment of locals. Gorgeous-looking berries and seriously delicious!

              3. I like Terhune's in princeton. I believe they sell local stuff and have pick your own during the seasons. They're apple orchards are beautiful.
                They also do lots of festivals that are fun if you have kids.

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                  Eastmont Orchards in Colt's Neck.

                  Also, a farmstand on Rt 202 in Flemington (202 No)

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                    The one on Route 202N - is this the one where the guy sells corn out of a dump truck? I think it's in the stretch where Routes 202N and 31N run together. The place always seems busy, which is a good sign.

                2. Contes in Tabernacle and Russo's, just across the way in Tabernacle. Conte's has a much bigger selection, and you can pick your own. Johnson's Corner in Medford.
                  You may also want to try the Columbus Flea Market on Route 206

                  1. There's 3 roadside stands on Rt 547 (Squankum Rd) in Howell that have seasonal produce.

                    Here is a link for pick-your-own places in NJ:


                    1. ...also many of NJ's wineries offer farm produce on site.

                      1. Small, but excellent is Zalenski's stand on Cranbury Rd. in East Brunswick. Tell 'em Mark from Maine sent ya.

                        1. I visited Smith's Market on Allaire Road in Wall this weekend. Well worth the trip!

                          Excellent hand picked Jersey corn
                          Locally grown romaine
                          Jersey peaches
                          Locally produced salad dressings along the back wall were fantastic
                          Even picked up 3 avocados that were super fresh

                          I would highly recommend this place..

                          1. There is a brand-new farmer's market in Hazlet. Hwy 35 inside the Dino's Fishery strip mall. Follow the banners.

                            For an indoor market I am amazed at the low prices. $1.00 for a bag of six frying peppers, .99 for a large basket of strawberries, .49 for fresh mint. I walked out last week with pineapple, strawbs, peaches, tomatoes and apricots for under 8.00.

                            Specials vary week to week but it's surprising everyone buzzing at check out.

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                              Whoa! Wait! Dino's Fishery STRIP MALL? I remember when it was a stand alone eatery. Is it still as good as it was when I was growing up???

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                                For me, Dino's is only a slight jump from Red Lobster. I find the menu boring...but the strip mall to the right of the restaurant is where the new farmers market is located.

                                Sivy, I found something worth sharing in Hazlet!

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                                  Did Dino's turn into an actual restaurant? It used to be just a step above a shack kind of when I was growing up and had the freshest seafood around then. I do remember the menu being very basic.

                                  I may have to ask my brother if he wants to take a ride one afternoon and see what's up there. I've been only working 2 days a week for the summer and my brother works near my home and we've been trying to have lunch frequently. He'd think it's a goof too to see the old "homestead", maybe have lunch at Dino's (even if it's only fair, it would be for old times sake) and check out the farmer's market. I'll have to see if I can convince him into doing this...

                                  1. re: sivyaleah

                                    sivy, you go further back on Dino than I do then. I've only known it as a full restaurant. I'm all for memory lane, go for it!

                              2. re: HillJ

                                Isn't it a bit early for Jersey Pineapple? <g> (Altho', with global warming, who knows?)

                                Is this one of those one-owner, no-frills produce stores that sells all sorts of boxed out of state and foreign fruits and vegetables (and often have a cold cut section, bread, etc)? They've popped up all over, usually in older strip malls (US 1 in Edison, Rt. 9 in Freehold, Rt. 130 in E. Windsor, 18 in E. Bruns.) and, while they are cheap and have an interesting selection, they are NOT true "farmers markets" and it's very deceptive for them to take that name (which many do).

                                A true "farmers market" should be a place where *farmers* and other small businesses (bakery, butchers, etc) sell their own wares (indeed, many markets mandate it), not simply re-sell products bought wholesale.

                                1. re: JessKidden

                                  JessKidden, yes you are describing the market exactly. And atho the Hazlet location is not a farm, the owners are providing fresh produce and excellent prices. If I waited for a Jersey pineapple (g) I would be waiting a long time, yes?
                                  Doesn't mean the market is bad or that products sold there aren't wonderful.
                                  I don't begrudge anyone from making a living.

                                  I didn't bring up the new location on this thread to raise politicial issues. Shop where you wish. I like pineapples! (g)

                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    Hill J,

                                    I did not bring it up to attack you, just looking for clarification- I, too, shop at many of those produce businesses that I listed (and I like pineapples, too.) I don't think it's "political"- but a matter of "truth in advertising". Sure, the English language is always changing, but, in this (and similar) cases, I feel a business should not take on a title that *implies* it's something that it is not. Is being a "green grocer" not honorable enough?

                                    Sorry, but I think a produce market that buys it's fruit and vegetables (grown all over the US and the rest of the world) from the same wholesale markets that Shop-Rite and A&P does should not be called a "Farmers Market". (And, yeah, I, too, know lots of "farm stands" that are full of non-local produce- doesn't make it right).

                                    I suspect a lot of other 'Hounds would feel the same way- especially if they've traveled some distance looking for fresh, locally grown vegetables to support NJ agriculture at the sort of "farmers markets" described in the links above, and find a store full of Chinese garlic, Mexican fruit and California cello-wrapped iceburg lettuce.

                                    1. re: JessKidden

                                      JessKidden, I did not feel attacked at all. You are entitled to your point of view on farmers markets.

                                      Nor do I need to say "I suspect a lot of other Hounds..." to contribute a suggestion to this thread. I'll respectively say again, shop where you like. I was/am pleased with the Hazlet "farmers market" and there is no harm in that. I also enjoy pick your own farms, roadside stands, maintain a large garden of my own and travel around the state for produce/prepared foods that my family and I adore.

                                      btw-I'd like to again highlight The Berry Farm/Colts Neck for outstanding red and black raspberries and black berries. Great way to get some sun, burn some calories and bring home bushels of delicious fruit! The time is NOW!

                                      1. re: HillJ

                                        Where in Colts Neck is the Berry Farm? Do they sell "already picked" berries to lazy people?

                                        1. re: val ann c

                                          hi val ann c! The Berry Farm is located inside Delicious Orchards property; when entering, to the right of the main parking lot. I have never seen pre-picked berries for sale (as they advertise themselves to be a pick your own) but they do offer a berry jam for sale that is quite tasty!

                                          I've picked 8 quarts in an hour. When the field is full you can pick a quart in 10 mins.

                                          1. re: HillJ

                                            Hmmn. It would not be so arduous to pick one quart. And it would be delicious! Thanks for the info!

                              3. In Mercer County:
                                Kerr's Korn Stand on the Pennington-Hopewell Rd has, IMO, some of the best corn ever. They sell tomatoes, squash, etc, but the corn is amazing. From Princeton, take Rosedale Rd, R on Carter, L on Elm Ridge Rd, at the T, make a right and it's on your left almost immediately.
                                Also some spot on 206N, just past the Carter Rd turnoff and after the Cherry Grove Farm (the meat part, not the organic produce). It's on the left. Can't recall the name, but if you can't make it to Kerr's, this is also terrific corn.

                                1. I guess I'll put in my 2 cents on local food stands and markets that have not already been covered. Stults Farm in Plainsboro is a nice roadside stand/pick your own. The farmers market in Princeton Junction train station on saturday mornings in the summer is excellent. I love Griggstown Farm in Princeton, and they sell their chickens, poussin, and eggs at the Princeton Farmer's Market as well. Alstede Farms in Chester has a pretty decent selection of their own produce. Their pie selection come the holidays is IMPRESSIVE. The Cider Mill in Chester has pick your own apples and, well, cider.

                                  1. I love the Red Bank Farmers market. Here's a photo of produce I bought there a few weeks ago. http://www.flickr.com/photos/valann/8...

                                    Here's what's particularly good right now:
                                    -- organic blueberries and peaches at Earthen Harvest (a.k.a. Tammy & Bill). They also have pies.
                                    -- Farmer Ed's watermelon
                                    -- This is a great year for potatoes. Farmer Ed's potatoes are outstanding.
                                    -- FRESH eggs from Hauser Hill. Last week they had chicken, duck, and turkey eggs.
                                    -- Farmer Ed's yellow plum and heirloom tomatoes

                                    Sundays, 9-2
                                    corner of Bridge St and W Front St

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                                    1. re: val ann c

                                      Val, I've been going every Sunday now and I'm very happy with the offerings. I get eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, and greens. Sometimes fruit, too. The Lithuanian baker is great, too!

                                      1. re: DJMarilyn

                                        Glad to hear you're enjoying the market.

                                      2. re: val ann c

                                        Wow, val! Those photos are sensational! They could easily adorn the cover of a food magazine.

                                        I've never been to the Red Bank Farmer's Market. But I may take a ride down there tomorrow. I was just at Delicious Orchards, and there were slim pickins in heirlooms, so I'd like to check out Farmer Ed's selection. And I'm low on potatoes....

                                        Btw, if you don't mind a little bending, picking berries is fun! One major advantage: You get to make sure that each and every berry is perfect! :-)

                                      3. Not sure if already posted, but need to include Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck.

                                        1. How about good markets/stands closer to South/Central Jersey?

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                                            Moorestown has a new community farm stand this year, one that's not in the center of town but on a former dairy farm that was bought by the state to preserve farmland. The new place has a dreadful name - the Burlington County Community Agriculture Center - but it's interesting. It's a weekly farm market that hosts local farmers selling fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, etc. Most of the vendors change from week to week (it's only open Saturday, 9-1) but there always seems to be a barbecue joint going. When I was there, there were 2 stand selling produce, 1 selling the most amazing list of pies and pot pies, 1 selling bread, an alpacca breeder selling clothing, and whatever you call a bee farmer was selling honey.

                                            Along the river, there's a pair of farm stands on River Road/St. Mihiel Drive in Delran/Riverside. One is right on the road - McCarter-Dallman, which is more of a farm stand/gift shop/etc. The other is back down in the trees, the River Side Homestead Farm. A few miles down River Road south of these two is Hunter's, which is very nice and a beautiful location surrounded by corn fields. They're on Union Landing Road in Cinnaminson.

                                          2. My favorite is Farm View Roadstand at 945 Black Oak Ridge Rd. (Rt. 202), in Wayne (Passaic County) Phone No. is (973) 839-1212 and their website is www.farmsview.com - WARNING - read it with the smallest font or you may not see some of the links to their information which disappear at larger fonts. Their fruit and veg are good and fresh as is their Amish butter and bread. They're open May to Oct plus a few holidays.

                                            I will have to say though, that unfortunately, since the demise of Balducci's the BEST fruit as well as prepared foods, multiple salad bars, cheese etc. is in NYC at www.edengourmet.com. I can never resist them.

                                            1. In South Jersey, you might try some of my Medford area favorites:
                                              Dutch Wagon Amish Market on Rt 70 -only open on Friday and Saturday
                                              Johnson's Corner Market - a bit further east on Rt 70, turn left at Hartford Rd. Have pick-your-own in season.
                                              Russo's Farm Market - again, a bit further east on Rt 70 off of rt 206 in Tabernacle. Lots of their own farms 'Jerseys Own' fruits and veges and a bakery to boot. They also sell wines from the local Valenzano winery.

                                              If you are headed down the shore via non-speedway roads like Rt. 30 through the southern counties, there are several large farmers markets. Some of them [Mary's, Angelo's] have been there for years. All of these have both summer and fall produce selections.

                                              Happy eating! The corn and tomatoes are great this year!!

                                              1. Monmouth county pick your own peaches were delicious.
                                                Not too late to go!

                                                1. Samaha's on Lloyd Rd in Aberdeen, right off the parkway will always be my favorite for corn.

                                                  1. Highly recommend Robson Farm Market, 505 Monmouth Rd., Rt. 537, Wrightstown, between Rts. 528 & 545. Known for their sweet corn and peaches, they sell their own produe as well as other farmer's locally grown produce and honey.

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                                                      Robsons was sold, apparently. It is now called Burns' Market but supposedly carries comparable locally grown produce.

                                                    2. At the beach, Matt's on 71 in Belmar has good local produce. We bought delicious NJ peaches, tomatoes, watermelons and cantaloupes from there on Saturday. They also have fruit and vegetables from further away - but everything is clearly marked, so you know if your fruit took the slow train from CA or was picked just down the street.
                                                      I have also heard, but have not checked out yet, that Belmar is hosting a farmer's market every Saturday from 11:00 - 4:00 on Main and 8th Street. Has anyone been?
                                                      Last year, Giamano's had a farmer's market on Wed (or it may have been Thursday). I'm not sure if they are doing it again this year.
                                                      If you live on the Western side of NJ - you may want to cross into PA and check out Shadybrook Farms in Yardley, PA. They have some pick your own fruits and a small market. They grind thier own peanut butter and it is delicious! Not everything is local though.
                                                      Good Luck!

                                                      1. Check out the new Farmer's Market every Wednesday in Bordentown in the large city parking lot next to/behind The Farnsworth House. I think the hours are from 1PM-7PM or something, or maybe it is 3PM-7PM. Definitely worth the trip! -mJ

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                                                          Down by the beach we use Big Ed's Produce in Lavallette, great Jersey corn and tomatoes, Any stand along the side of the road in Cape May for amazing berries.