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May 12, 2007 12:56 PM

Searching for stores that would carry Wusthof classic cook's knives (wide blade).

I have been searching for a good, heavy cook's knife for some time. I believe I would like the Wusthof classic wide blade series. But, obviously, I would like to see it in person, not order it from

If anyone knows of a store that carries this particular knife, I would be grateful to hear about it. I live in the Los Angeles area. tia!

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  1. I have Wustof classic knives and love them. I got the bulk of them at Macy's on sale and also have gotten a few at Williams Sonoma. I believe Crate and Barrel also carries them. I am in the Bay Area so it should be the same near you.

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      I got mine at Macy's too. And I've seen them at Crate and Barrel.

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        Willaims Sonoma stores usually have a good selection of Wusthof Classic knives, and others you may want to try in the hand as well, such as the Shun.

      2. If there is an outlet mall near you with a cooking store, they probably have it. I got mine in Williamsburg VA outlet mall. I think the store might be a Williams-Sonoma or SLT offshoot. BTW, I don't think the price I paid was anything spectacular. For spectacular prices, keep your eye out in Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and/or Marshalls.

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          Le Gourmet Chef is in the Williamsburg relation to either WS or SLT but a cool store in its own right. Great selection of Wushtof at excellent prices. They are nationwide so I'm sure there's one in the LA area too.