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May 12, 2007 12:49 PM

Fatburger open in Massapequa Park

Just to let you know that Fatburger- the L.A. chain is now opened in Massapequa Park on Sunrise Highway (in the shopping center where Friday's is)

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    1. re: Lono37

      I gotta admit - Fatburger tastes like a high-end Wendy's burger to me. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, just very overpriced for what you get.

      1. re: Lono37

        I finally got the opportunity to eat at Fatburger in Massapequa, although I never got the chance to eat there in LA, even though I go there yearly. Anyway, I was also disappointed and don't understand what the hype is. I had the baby fat which was a good size hamburger ( for me that is). However, the hamburger and fries were nothing to rave about. I thought it was a little pricey. All American has nothing to worry about. One plus is that they do have unsweetened iced tea with fresh lemons.

      2. Tried it. Hoping for In n Out burger experience her in NY but was very dissapointed. Burger was compacted, overdone (read this as blackened) and dry (read this as no moisture) and appeared to have been blanched to speed serve time. No in n Out for sure. Better off going to Cheeburger Cheeburger or to any decent diner for the price charged.

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        1. re: chumly

          Happened to try Cheeburger Cheeburger the other day since I had to go to Fairway (same shopping center.) Got a takeout cheeseburger and fries. Burger ($5.49) was okay, although no better than I can make myself, but the fries ($2.29?) were awful. A generous amount but they seemed to have been refried or something. They were very well done, which is okay, but not when they are also dried out and get cold in a few minutes. I wouldn't go back. Try Krisch's in Massapequa Park or All-American. Hell, my meal from Checkers for half that price was twice as good.

        2. Finished eating there about an hour ago. We all enjoyed our Fatburger, Turkey Burger, Grilled Chicken, 1 Thin Fries, 1 Onion Rings and 2 Chocolate Shakes. $33 something for three seemed a little expensive, but plenty of food...

          1. Stopped in on Saturday to try it. Ordered one Fatburger, one Baby Fat (both without mustard and with cheese) and one strawberry shake. Burger toppings were good. Fresh tomato and lettuce. However, the burger was overdone. Dry and not much flavor.

            And something has got to be done about the shakes. While they are tasty, there is no excuse for the wait time in getting it. We ordered, sat down, received our burgers, finished them and had to wait for another 5 minutes before the shake came up. C'mon people, there were multiple blenders available (only one person working the station) and she was working on one shake at a time.

            We received our shake and left. There was another patron who was getting takeout. He was handed his order and told, "you're all set.". He headed out to the parking lot and realized that he didn't have his shake. He came back in and commented to the manager who said, "well, you get your food from us, but you have to wait here for your shake." He was still waiting after we left and getting angrier by the second. I don't blame him. His burgers were probably cold by the time he got out of there.

            We then headed to All American for a comparison. We both preferred the burgers there (though the fresh toppings were missed) and I wasn't willing to forgo the fries at All American for what looked like pale limp fries from Fatburger. All in all, not bad food at Fatburger but they have got to cook the burgers less and figure out how to get the shakes out with the food. Service was strange but think that would work itself out over time.

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            1. re: magfitz

              I was disappointd with Fatburger too! We had open near us in Rockland County about 2 years ago and hubby was excited to try it because he always hears rappers raving about it in their songs....don;t see the big deal. Burgers were dry and tasteless and a few times, they had big junks of gristle...gross!

              1. re: magfitz

                I have to agree with your complaint about the Shakes. That wait time is ridiculous. I've gone three times and I have to say... The burgers are OK. They're good if you're from the West Coast and are homesick... But honestly, ABC in Hicksville is better... Since In-N-Out isn't here yet that is.

                I will say though, the chicken sandwich was really good. They'll stick around for at least a year just for kitch factor. And MAYBE get a following if All American ever does close down.