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May 12, 2007 12:16 PM

Best Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans in Tampa Bay?

We are running low on our quality Portland beans and I am looking for a local roastery who makes a quality espresso bean. I am betting there are some Cuban ones around. Anyone know any brands and locations to buy? I need to get a lb. by TOMORROW! I live in St. Pete, so over here is better, but I will drive into Tampa if need be!

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    1. I pass here every so often to and from work, but have not stopped.

      I do not know if they roast there but if all else fails, give them a call.

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      1. re: Little T.

        Thanks little T! I like the looks of the New Harmony operation--they have a quality espresso machine AND a roaster onsite! I'll drive out there tomorrow and give it a shot, so to speak.

        Mazzaros is closed Sundays; I was gonna try them too. THANKS!

        1. re: Little T.

          ah thanks Little T. I didnt even know this place existed, I live in largo and will have to try it out.

          1. re: willdupre

            The espresso at New Harmony is very good. I forget the name of it, but I have been buying the one with the rocket ship on it. I would also recommend taking a trip out to Brandon to MMSI Espresso if you are interested in a nice selection of Italian coffees.

            1. re: CFishman

              Do you know the hours at New Harmony? I keep calling and there is no answer. I know it is Sunday, but we are talking coffee here!

              I wish I had known about MMSI earlier--I just left a job I had in Brandon this past Thursday!

              1. re: thakrza

                I will try to stop by there tomorrow morning and report back.

              2. re: CFishman

                I stopped into New Harmony this morning. Yes, they do have great espresso!

                For reference, they are open from 7-7 m-f and 8-4 on sat.

          2. It is a little bit of a Trek, but El Molino on 7th in Ybor city is a fine little coffee roaster, and even though it is a bit yuppified over the past decade, visiting Ybor city for a day is still a fun day trip from the area. Lunch at The Columbia might make it worth your drive.

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            1. re: ChrisS

              I love El Molino. You can also order beans online and they arrive within a couple days.


            2. Ok, there is this place I have been driving by and meaning to stop at.

              Finally, I made it in there today. The Caffeine Gourmet in Largo . . . .

              Anyhow, I talked with the owner for a little while who was very nice. Her husband roasts
              the beans on site - (I took a peak in the back at the equipment).


              Roasting is done in the early morning in order to keep the neighbors happy. I sampled a few different coffee's, all good. It looked like they had 40 or so different coffee's.

              Took home a pound of the Columbian . . . I will see how it is in the morning


              The Caffeine Gourmet
              220 W. Bay Dr. Largo FL 33770
              (727) 581-3515

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              1. re: Little T.

                Little T--what did you think?

                We got 4 lbs from Stumptown Roasters in Portland a few days ago, thank the lawd! I gave up after driving to New Harmony and it was closed.

                But--as an aside--I drove up to Cabana del Tio and ordered a lb of tortillas and a couple of carnitas tacos----DELICIOUS! They are now tied with the Taco Bus in fantastic tastes of Mexico.

                1. re: thakrza

                  It is very good. I am almost out out the pound I purchased so I will be headed back for more.

                  Maybe I will order a pound from Stumptown Roasters just to see how it compares.

                  Which coffee(s) beans did you order?

                  1. re: Little T.

                    the coffee from The Caffeine Gourmet was excellent IMO. braught home a half pound last week and am already out, need to head back for more myself.

                2. re: Little T.

                  There was an article in the St. Pete Times about this couple. Let us know how it is. Terry Davis at New Harmony probably knows more about roasting coffee than anyone in the area.

                  1. re: scubadoo97

                    Well, the Stumptown Hairbender roast is great for espresso. We got 2 lbs of Hairbender, a lb of Rwanda Musasa for espresso and a lb of Brasil Coe #3 Pedra Preta. Our friend is the head roaster there and we trust him to send us the other lbs on top of our usual Hairbender order--he never lets us down!

                3. I picked up a "Mokha Java blend" the other day from The Caffeine Gourmet. The beans have an almost sour smell, so I thought something was wrong. However, it tastes great when brewed.

                  I don't know know about spending $22.00 a lb from Stumptown Roasters.

                  I guess I didn't really read your original post. However, i was in a Cuban/Puertorican grocery the other day, and I noticed that 6 out of the 10 coffees they had, were roasted in Tampa.

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                  1. re: Little T.

                    Not every blend is $22/lb--that is pretty special. Hairbender is usally around $12/$13 a lb.