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May 12, 2007 11:56 AM

Santa Monica Area Take Away

Hi all -

Looking for any good recommendations for take away in the Santa Monica vicinity tonight. We are on the south end of Santa Monica, but I'm willing to make a drive to near West LA to pick up food, providing it won't be horrible if it's not as hot when I get it home.
Price Range: $20-40 for 2 people.
Types of Cuisine: We are open to just about anything, but pref no Italian. If you have any recs about what to order, please let me know.

Thanks! :)

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  1. Close to your location is Chutney's, an Indian food place that is mostly take out, (with a few tables inside). Family style chicken dinner for two is around $15. They also have really excellent meat samosas and I also like their nan, (either plain or garlic are good) which shows more of a Pakastani heritage in its thicker / puffier make up. It's on the south east corner of Pico and Barrington.

    1. Border Grill does nice to-go. Good packaging.

      1. Wabi Sabi does great take away. Actually, every restaurant will prep orders to go, even the Ivy.

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          Le Marmiton on Montana in Santa Monica. They have pretty good french food and it serves up very nicely!! Plus tastey desserts!!