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May 12, 2007 11:31 AM

(DFW) Gloria's Restaurant

Any opinions on this place? I hear mixed reviews, but mostly good. I am more interested in the Salvadoran cuisine (esp. the pupusas), but i'll be with people who'll probably stick with Tex-mex standards, so any recs or cautions would be welcomed.

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  1. Eh. The both the Salvadoran and Tex-Mex are ok at best. But the margaritas are good, and there's always a fun, festive atmosphere, so it's good for groups.

    1. The food used to be quite a bit better. They opened several locations and the food went downhill. But I second the rec for the margs and the atmosphere!

      1. can either of you expand on what about it used to be better?

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          The pupusas I have had at Gloria's were pretty good. Everything else there is just a little above average. The quail dish that I sometimes get always tends to be on the dry side. There is a Salvadorian restaurant called Santa Rosas on Valwood Rd. in Farmers Branch (in b/w Josey Ln. and 35) that is reportedly owned by Gloria's sister. A more authentic Salvadorian restaurant that caters to more Latino's than Gloria's gringo-friendly restaurant;only had their pupusas (my first pupusa) so I really can't recall how it stacked up to others. My favorite pupusa so far in DFW is Mama Tita's Pupusa on Belt Line Rd. and Webb Chapel. Good stuff.

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            I agree that Gloria's used to be very special and now is rather blah. I believe I first noticed it at their Greenville Av location. They started putting their "signature" rice mix (it contains lima beans) in EVERYTHING. I've had some very good meals at the Davis location which is right by my house, but I've also had some really mediocre meals there. I enjoy their Arracherra Tipico but I've had it on some nights where the meat was as tough as shoe leather. Totally unappetizing. Their margaritas will knock you down however and the atmosphere (at least at Davis) is very cozy. Better (and slightly less expensive) than the nearby La Calle Doce. Try Las Ranchitas on Jefferson for great Dallas Mex.

            1. re: OOABuddy

              I agree that Gloria's has lost what was once very special. I've been going to the original Gloria's on Davis for years but my last three or four visits were subpar and I don't think I'll be going back any time soon. The yucca was dry, mealy and cold - when I mentioned this to the waiter he just grinned at me. The service used to be very, very good - the last waiter - who didn't care that my meal was cold - also drove me nuts by referring to me constantly as "Lady". "Want more water, Lady?" etc. The grilled pork was tough - in the past it was always tender and tasty. I decided it wasn't worth it to bring any of it up with the manager, just made a sad note to myself not to go back.

              I will say that I haven't had the quail on recent visits and it was one of my favorites. Perhaps it still is a signature dish.

          2. The Davis St location is great. The rest are just another chain. I will never go back to Lemmon location due to the great deal of noise and poor service! Way overpriced as well for some things.

            1. I love Gloria's. We have one in Colleyville that we go to quite frequently. I love the steak with the chimmichurri sauce. YUM!