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May 12, 2007 10:58 AM

Hung To Seafood Restaurant - Dim Sum South San Francisco

221 S Spruce Ave
South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 877-0828

I was kind of surprised, I did a search on the above restaurant and did not get many if any "hits". My friend recommended this place. He said it was near El Camino off of a street called Bruce. I went up and down El Camino for over 15 minutes, and could not find it. It's actually off a street called Spruce, about 1/2 a mile from El Camino. I

I must say it's EXCELLENT dim sum for the price/quality ratio. We ordered a total of 14 plates for 4 people. We were hungry after going to the gym. It came out to about $12-$13 per person. We ordered all dim sum, basic stuff, small and medium priced dishes.

All the items were piping hot and fresh. I could not say anything was awful or bad. The only thing I personally would not order again would be their Xiao Lung Bao. Of course, even Koi's could not match the XLB from any decent Shanghainese restaurant (IMHO).

My friends did not care for the Sweet Runny/Watery Egg Yolky steamed bun. I did not care for some sort of Green Tea Tapioca pudding.

For the variety, price, and quality, it beats restaurants high and low, Koi, Gold Mountain, Yuet Wah, the various Mayflowers, etc. etc.

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  1. I think there was some mention of this when it closed down its Noriega St. location six or seven years ago (I never understood that), then reappeared in South San Francisco. If it's as good as it used to be then it would be one of the top Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area.

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      Yeah the SSF location seems out of place, and visually doesn't look as appealing, but the food is pretty good.

      Hung To also has arguably one of the best in house roast ducks (which they call gwa lo ngap), although last time I got it to go, the flavors were off and the marination was way too salty. But before that it had been consistently supreme even to go, beating Silver House, the fancy seafood restaurants. And best of all, not overwhelming fat like at the BBQ to go places.