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May 12, 2007 10:15 AM

Portsmouth NH Lobster

My wife and I are flying in to Pease in two weeks to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Actually it is our 33 1/2, as we were married before. I want to have a memorable dinner...and lobster is her favorite. I know we will be in the right part of the country (they are not called Maine Lobsters for nothing) but the last time I was here was 1989. Any suggestions? We are basically very informal people. Thanks! Dsunderl

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  1. In Portsmouth, for me, it's right on the pier, and it's not fancy. But, that's the way I like my seafood, watching the boats, and smelling the fresh air. I go to the Oar House first (they have their own parking lot), or Ferry's Landing.

    If you hop over the bridge to Kittery (Me), go to Chauncey Pier.

    Just plain and simple dining.

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      Chauncey is very good, but my FAVORITE is
      OGUNQUIT LOBSTER POUND IN OGUNQUIT MAINE, which is about 30 minutes North, with waitress service, full bar, and large selection on menu.
      Enjoy, and report back to us... Would love to know what you decided on...