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Best non-sandwich at the RTM

As I sit down to enjoy one on my favorite lunches from the Reading Terminal Market, I thought about the best sandwich thread that started a while back and still pops up once in a while. I thought about all the wonderful non-sandwich options and figured we might give them their due credit.

I'll start with my favorite stand- the Little Thai Place. An amazing value for consistantly great Thai food. My go to dish is the salmon. A decent sized filet, grilled and served with rice, broccoli, and a healthy scoop of red curry sauce. All this for 6 bucks.

What's your fav?

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  1. Does the hot dog rolled in a pretzel from Fischer's count as non-sandwich? If so, that's my vote.

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      Is a gyro a sandwich? if not, I'd go for that from Olympic Gyro. The salmon at the thai place is good though...and very inexpensive too!

      1. re: bluehensfan

        I've frequently been disappointed by Olympic's gyros - often they are cold.

        When I'm looking for a non-sandwich lunch, I opt for a roasted chicken leg, or two, from Dienners.

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          Wow, never had a cold gyro there or anywhere...sounds nasty. I did remember that the bruschetta at Mezze is pretty good as are the dumplings at the Golden Bowl.

    2. Easy: any of the Sang Kee noodle soups, but especially roast pork.

      1. I may get laughed off the board for this- but the General Tso's Chicken at the Shanghai Gourmet is incredible and unlike any version of the dish I've tried anywhere else- all white meat, light and crispy batter, non-gloppy flavorful sauce- fresh green peppers and carrots for some crunch. Try it. You'll be glad you did.

        1. In the guilty pleasures category, I'd have to say the wings from the Amish folks behind the dutch eating place and across from the milk and juice stand. Crispy and delicious!

          1. I would have to say the shrimp dumplings from Sang-Kee, or the pad thai from the Thai Place.

            1. delilah's fried chicken or smothered pork chops .. they're both so amazing, it's my own eternal dilemma!

              1. The Original Poster named my favorite too - that thai salmon in red curry sauce is the best luch for $6. I walk 20 minutes to get it (from over at 16th and Arch) so you know it's worth it.

                1. not sure if it counts, but absolutely need to include the dijon mustard bread and cherry chocolate bread from metro bakery. yum.