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May 12, 2007 06:36 AM

positano restaurant Savino

Has any one ever eaten at restaurant Savino? It is located in the Hotel Covi dei Saraceni. The veiw looks magnificient. However, I cant seem to find a menu anywhere online. Just trying to find out if it is worth going to?

My other option for Positano is
La Tagliata. Which is actually in Montepertuso but, it sounds wonderful too

Any comments on either restaurant would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I have eaten at La Tagliata and loved it--also in Positano up the hill is an outdoors pizza restauant with a wood burning oven-it overlooks the sea and the pizza is great

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      Hi Marlie

      I was hoping you could tell me a bit more about the food/experience of La Tagliata?

      We only have 2 nights in Sorrento - but our hotel is close to Positano apparantly, so we can do our dinners at either town.

      La Tagliata has gotten some very mixed reviews, (as far as food quality) but I love the idea of the place.
      Plus it is run by a Family who has the same surname as my mum, and her grandparents were from it's possible that we are related!

      Still with only 2 nights -I want the places we eat to be special!

      Thanks for any info

      1. re: NellyNel

        Hello, all:

        I've eaten at La Tagliata a few times. The restaurant's claim to fame are the grilled meats - all of which are very good. But don't discount the homemade desserts as well, especially the tortes (had a fabulous pear ricotta tort). I've had the fixed meal and also have shared several items a la carte. With the fixed meal, the antipasti goes on forever and you'll easily fill up. The pastas are good but the star is the meat, so save room.
        Great views by the window. I've been in the restaurant when it was empty and when it was full (with a wedding happening outside on the lower terrace). It's definitely more atmospheric when it's full - and the wait staff are very energetic.

        In Positano, I also like La Cambusa and their famous lobster linguine.

        We're going to Positano again this summer and want to try Ristorante Max.


        1. re: Uptoyou

          Thanks uptoyou!

          Unfortunately my plans for Italy have been put on hold for now, but maybe hopefully it will mean that when I finally do get there I can spend more time in each place I was planning on... which would be a great thing! Too many restaurants to visit!


      2. re: marlie202

        Does anyone know wthich pizza place this person was talking about (seeing how it's a 2 year old post I am replying to)? Is it Ristorante Valle dei Mulini? We will be in the Naples area for one day on a cruise. We are taking a limo tour of Pompeii and the Amalfi coast. The tour company wants to take us to La Tagliata. Personally, coming from a cruise ship where we will be eating like crazy, I would prefer quality over quantity (and at a reasonable price), not the other way around, which seems to be La Tagliata's claim to fail (although it's not like the food is BAD). And 25e per person is really more than I want to spend for lunch. I REALLY want to find someplace with great pizza and would like to go to Naples or even Sorrento but the timing won't work. So if there is a place ior near Positano with great pizza (and lots of fresh mozzarella and tomato), that would be great. A nice view would be nice but it's secondary.

        I found some reviews of the Ristorante Valle dei Mulini place and it seems to be pretty good.