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May 12, 2007 05:49 AM

Savannah - Tybee top 7

This is my first post. Going to Tybee for a week in June, our daughter just got married and moved to Savannah. Need 7 restaurants! My daughter has already provided a few names.
Any opinions on these, recommendations to fill out our list? (We love seafood).

Crab Shack
Shrimp Shack
Lady and Sons

Price not a real concern, but don't want to go to upscale.
Tom and Linda

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  1. Have never really found anything impressive on Tybee Island. Your best meals will be in Savannah itself. Lady & Sons? Go for lunch, rather than dinner, as the "heavy" southern-style food stays inside you for awhile. The fried chicken can be very good...

    You'll see several dining spots at the City Market downtown, a few of which serve outdoors--especially pleasant during humid evenings. If Tapas is open, grab a table and fill it with several appetizers. Their crawfish ravioli is excellent as were the fried scallops. Out of curiosity, I ordered ostrich steak appetizer and was pleasantly surprised. We filled our table with food for $42 (total, tax, & tip)...

    1. Crab Shack has gone WAY touristy. I go to Savannah every few years or so on business and have seen it go from a down home country spot to a blatant toruist trap (but note, I still go there or would not have observed this change). Food and entertainement is marginal; people watching is fun. Can provide a good casual evening if you are into that.

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        Crab Shack = strictly for tourists

      2. crabshack is a nice place to go with a big group for a big seafood lunch or early dinner. the atmosphere is pretty touristy, and their lack of hushpuppies is shameful, but it's a fun atmosphere and a great place for a big chatty group. the food tastes fresh and the view is nice!

        1. It has been several years, but I remember having a great family style breakfast at Mrs Wilkes Kitchen (sp?). I'm guessing someone here has eaten there more recently and could offer an up-to-date assessment.

          1. Not to trample on taste buds of others, so I'll be sweet with my Rec's.
            On Tybee-
            AJ's: $$$ back river sunset views best seafood on Tybee.
            Hunter House: $$$$ elegant dinner, more value than George's less attitude.
            Sundae Cafe:$$$ just cause it's in a gas station parking lot don't overlook this new culinary gem of the island. Best wine list and best lunch/dinner on Island.
            Off Island-
            Flying Fish: $ new spot for the venerable Williams seafood family, great low cost fresh seafood.
            Bonna Bella Yacht Club: $$ best view in town. Hard to find but worth it.
            In Town:
            Local 1110: $$$ best new Chef in town, my personal favorite in town.
            Sweetleaf BBQ: $$ it's made by white boys but fantastic!!
            I sell to most everybody in town, these are my choices for my own mom.
            Enjoy our town! Hope y'all have a great time.