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Savannah - Tybee top 7

This is my first post. Going to Tybee for a week in June, our daughter just got married and moved to Savannah. Need 7 restaurants! My daughter has already provided a few names.
Any opinions on these, recommendations to fill out our list? (We love seafood).

Crab Shack
Shrimp Shack
Lady and Sons

Price not a real concern, but don't want to go to upscale.
Tom and Linda

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  1. Have never really found anything impressive on Tybee Island. Your best meals will be in Savannah itself. Lady & Sons? Go for lunch, rather than dinner, as the "heavy" southern-style food stays inside you for awhile. The fried chicken can be very good...

    You'll see several dining spots at the City Market downtown, a few of which serve outdoors--especially pleasant during humid evenings. If Tapas is open, grab a table and fill it with several appetizers. Their crawfish ravioli is excellent as were the fried scallops. Out of curiosity, I ordered ostrich steak appetizer and was pleasantly surprised. We filled our table with food for $42 (total, tax, & tip)...

    1. Crab Shack has gone WAY touristy. I go to Savannah every few years or so on business and have seen it go from a down home country spot to a blatant toruist trap (but note, I still go there or would not have observed this change). Food and entertainement is marginal; people watching is fun. Can provide a good casual evening if you are into that.

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        Crab Shack = strictly for tourists

      2. crabshack is a nice place to go with a big group for a big seafood lunch or early dinner. the atmosphere is pretty touristy, and their lack of hushpuppies is shameful, but it's a fun atmosphere and a great place for a big chatty group. the food tastes fresh and the view is nice!

        1. It has been several years, but I remember having a great family style breakfast at Mrs Wilkes Kitchen (sp?). I'm guessing someone here has eaten there more recently and could offer an up-to-date assessment.

          1. Not to trample on taste buds of others, so I'll be sweet with my Rec's.
            On Tybee-
            AJ's: $$$ back river sunset views best seafood on Tybee.
            Hunter House: $$$$ elegant dinner, more value than George's less attitude.
            Sundae Cafe:$$$ just cause it's in a gas station parking lot don't overlook this new culinary gem of the island. Best wine list and best lunch/dinner on Island.
            Off Island-
            Flying Fish: $ new spot for the venerable Williams seafood family, great low cost fresh seafood.
            Bonna Bella Yacht Club: $$ best view in town. Hard to find but worth it.
            In Town:
            Local 1110: $$$ best new Chef in town, my personal favorite in town.
            Sweetleaf BBQ: $$ it's made by white boys but fantastic!!
            I sell to most everybody in town, these are my choices for my own mom.
            Enjoy our town! Hope y'all have a great time.

            1. Flying Fish Bar and Grill has been open for a couple of months now. The food is very, very good. Always fresh seafood, and a good value as well. Casual, sort of key westy, It's just down from where Williams' Seafood used to be.

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                Not to highjack thread, but Flying Fish sounds interesting. Can't find anything on web, so directions, or a site I missed (sorry!)

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                  Flying Fish Bar and Grill doesn't have a website apparently. Its at the east intersection of Hwy 80 and Johnny Mercer (there are 2 Hwy 80/J mercer intersections) on the westbound side of 80

                  Closed Monday and Tues

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                    Thanks! That will be on my list for next trip thence.

              2. My recommendations...

                on the upscale side...
                Il Pasticcio
                The Olde Pink House

                More Casual...
                Soho Cafe
                J. Christophers
                Firefly Cafe
                The Crab Shack - for the atmosphere mainly :)

                Vinnie Van Go Go's

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                  We were in Tybee for a weekend last summer, and I agree that the Crab Shack is just a tourist trap now. However, we were led to The Outback (*not* Steakhouse), a hole in the wall on the side of a small strip shopping center (which had, if I remember correctly, a Chu's Convenience Store and a bar in the front). We hit paydirt with *huge* portions of fried seafood, fabulous hushpuppies, and wonderful grits on the side. My only regret is that our eyes were so much bigger than our stomachs. We certainly could have shared an entree and still would have had more than enough to eat.

                  It is a shame you don't want to go upscale, because I consider Georges' (sic) of Tybee one of the best restaurants in Georgia, but it is a bit pricy for Tybee.

                  Welcome South; enjoy!

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                    There is always North Beach Grill which is Georges' casual bar. Great apps & I love the jerk pork all in a great location.

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                      Nort Beach is good, but its kind of pricey for paper plates.

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                      I went to the Outback based upon the recommendation of Newcomb Girl. I don't know if the place has changed hands since May, '07 or not. The restaurant portion consisted of three or four tables which was separated by vertical blinds from the bar area. I went on a Friday night and there was no one in the restaurant and only a handful of people at the bar having a cigerette with their beer. I ordered fried shrimp and it was not very good. This is not a place that you want to get your seafood fix on Tybee Island. I'm a native Georgian and I know a little something about seafood. This place will remind you of a biker's bar!!

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                        Update on Outback: My husband and I checked out Outback Cafe on Tybee...at 8 o'clock on a Tuesday night mid-June 2010 it was absolutely empty, there was a sign up saying "No Server, See Bartender" and the place smelled strongly of cigarettes. We went across the street to the Sundae Cafe, which was so busy we had to wait half an hour to be seated.

                        Outback Cafe
                        725 1st St, Tybee Island, GA 31328

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                      thoughts on savannah dining expensive elizebeths noble faire 45 S in marshall hotel all excellent pizza rustica vinnies screaming mimi costanzas hot dog 5 guys miscellaneous miz wilkes still the ONLY choice for cracker food walls bbq for the deviled crab zunzis everythings good the breakfast club at tybee for u guessed it breakfast johnny harris for old times sake the house of prayer for all people godd soul foodsentient bean for the coffe and the greek isles sandwhich but i tire

                    4. Been to Savannah a few times and Lady and Sons is always a favorite. There is a big difference in the atmosphere now that Paula and the boys are famous, but the food is so sinfully delicious

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                        Sweet Potatoes Kitchen on the corner of Eisenhower and Waters in a strip shopping center in Savannah is wonderful. Nicely and thoughtfully prepared food. It was our best meal in Savannah last time, and my husband and I got out for $34 for the 2 of us, with a glass of wine and splitting a dessert, too. On Tybee, be sure to get to The Breakfast Club on Butler and 14th for breakfast or lunch (until 2, I think). There's also a stand-type BBQ place (or there was last time) on 80 about a block from the beach. We always try to buy fresh caught shrimp when we're on Tybee. Boil them up and with a couple of drinks on the deck, this is nirvana. Wish I were there!

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                          the liver and onions are scrumpshess

                      2. You're in for a treat. Start with AJ's Dockside Grill in Tybee, George's on Tybee, Bistro Savannah in downtown Sav., Il Pasticcio in downtown, Gryphon Tea Room for lunch, Spanky's for cheap and good seafood on River Street, Local is a new spot on the far end of Forsyth Park. (Best to skip Lady and Sons - the line's too long and food often under hot lamps. Opt for Mrs. Wilkes for an authentic, local version on Jones Street downtown.) Enjoy and congrats!


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                          "Spanky's for cheap and good seafood on River Street"

                          I could not disagree more, I would go to Long JohnSilver before eating that stuff, and the place smells.

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                            As of two weeks ago, there are still no decent places to eat on River Street. And the same has been true for over twenty years now......

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                              The Carribean-style place (Conch House) near the end of River St. (I guess that would be West) looked interesting and seemed to have a decent menu, but we didn't get there to find out.

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                                river st. has the olympia I go there frequently nick and vasily do a fine job lamb chops are the best ive had in sav, savannians dont goto river st as a rule but we go there

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                                  alexmouth, Where do you go in Savannah for seafood?

                          2. We just got back. See the Bride's report on the thread entitled "Road Eats between Charleston & Savannah". I was disappointed in Wall's Ribs, but the sides & sweet potato pie were good.

                            we really enjoyed Sweet Leaf Smokehouse. Service was a little hipster/eclectic but food was good.

                            We were really interested in Sweet Potatoes for fried chicken, but it was closed on Sunday, the only day we could get down to that area...

                            1. Dolphin (tybee)---great view & service, mediocre food
                              Tubby's river street & Thunderbolt---reasonable prices decent food with outside dining
                              AJ's---east side of Tybee,happy hour or lunch
                              Flying fish, Wilmington Island---good food & drinks, very casual, local hangout
                              Oyster Bar, wilmington Island---mid-range pricing great food & service (dinner)

                              Chart house--river street, pricey but great--probably best on river street (may need res)

                              1700 house (downtown), may need res, pricey but great food & service

                              don't bother with crab shack or lady & sons--both are overrated

                              Congratulations & I hope you enjoy your stay in our city.

                              1. and Fannie's and Marlin Monroe's and The Breakfast Club

                                1. Have to say no on Walls. Its a cool place and an institution, but the bbq is just average. Very good sides, but for BBQ look elsewhere.

                                  Crab SHack is tourist trap, and food is blech. Kids love it though

                                  Social, new restaurant at Tybee, best tacos I ever had in my life, very authentic

                                  If they reopen the place in time, North Beach Grill

                                  Local 11 has gone downhill avoid too pricey blech

                                  Papillote, downtown, french cafe, YUMMM

                                  avoid il pasticcio, used to be good, now very sub par and not consistent. The owners son became the chef...you get where this is going, right?

                                  I heard Leocis is good, and the chef is the old chef from Il pasticcio, but I don't know because I haven't tried, yet.

                                  Ele which is in between downtown Savannah and Tybee on Wilmington island - Asia fusion but very good and consistent

                                  Zunzis - great cheap lunch spot, nothing fancy, but very good and different