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best restaurant with view of downtown skyscrapes?

anyone get ideas?

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    1. re: tony michaels

      thanks, but looks like there are not many choices... :(

    2. for me...there are only two.

      one from above: window
      one from ground: patio of cafe pinot

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          imo......i never had a bad meal there. i think they are above average and there service has always been great! and no corkage for byo. i been there many times and always take my own bottles but ...i always take bottles that are not on their wine list and offer it to our waiter , bartender and who ever is around :)
          here is the link to their menu


          1. re: rickym13

            You can bring your own bottle of wine? I tried to find any information about that on the website but couldn't find any mention of byob.

            1. re: Claus1100xx

              yes...all of the patina group has no corkage policy except for patina.

      1. Also from Joachim Splichal, Nick and Stef's, in the Wells Fargo building, gives you the feeling you are sitting right in the middle of the skyscrapers, especially from the cocktail lounge, which has a terrific happy hour (good food and drink specials, miles above that of McCormick and Schmick down the street). It may not be an aerial or distant view, but it's a pretty cool effect.

        1. City Club on Bunker Hill - Best View. 54th Floor of the Wells Fargo building. It's a private club.

          LA Prime steakhouse at the Bonaventure - Great view. About 20 (19?) floors lower than the City Club. Decent steaks... not the best, but serviceable.

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            thanks guys, gonna check them out, also any of you tried Checkers UPTown Bar? how does it compare?(i mean the view)

          2. Would you settle for a beautiful view that only reveals part of the downtown landscape? The food and drinks at Blue Velvet along with the view will not leave you disappointed.


            1. This is an area of interest to me, too.
              The view from Windows is incomparable. Nowhere else like it. Unfortunately, the food has gotten so bad that it almost cancels the view.
              Checkers rooftop has a more limited view to the north and is only on the 12th floor, but the surrounding buildings are of some interest.
              The Standard has a less panoramic view from the center of downtown, and from a lower level. You get the feeling of a big city but not really the greatest view. It has pretty good food, but it is more of a bar and appetizer scene. Plus you have to be really cool to fit in.
              The City Club is, indeed, private, but you can get in for a visit if you say you're a prospective member. View is to the west from the bar and main dining room and to the east from the function room. Nice and high, but unidirectional. (Contrary to prior posts, I have never been blown away by the food.)
              Westin Bonaventure has a rotating view from the bar and a stationary view from LA Prime at the very top (food is a slight notch above Windows). The tables do not really take full advantage of the views. Neither is spectacular as there are too many surrounding buildings.
              Bank of America Building (Grand and 5th) has a 50th story function room with spectacular views both to the north and south. You have to rent it as a function room, though.
              Yamashiro has a really nice panorama from the Hollywood Hills to the south; akin to Griffith Park Observatory (perhaps the best outdoor view to the south in the city).
              For the true view conoisseur, wait for a really clear day and drive up to Mt. Wilson. Skyline Park closes at 4 pm, but you can get mind numbing night views of the ocean of lights from the area outside the gate. Verdugo Hills (off Sunshine Drive) and many parts of Mulholland have great views, but no restaurants.
              Go for Windows. Try for the NW corner if there are more than 4 of you, and if less, go for the west facing tables. Arrive just before sunset and watch the best show in the city unfold. Order a lot of drinks and the cheapest items on the menu, as you will be disappointed with the food no matter what you get. But it won't matter if you go with no food expectations and if you're there for the view. Be sure to walk around the entire 360 degree floor; don't miss the function room facing to the south.

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                How much is a drink at Windows? I appreciate your descriptions here, as the only place that came to mind was the Bonaventure, and I haven't been there in a long time.

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                  havent been to windows in a long time...maybe 3 years? has the food gone that bad? i thought the steak wasn't that bad.....nothing like when it was "tower" but

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                    OK, to clarify - the food isn't "bad" per se. It is just disappointing for the price. A $40 steak is about the equivalent of a $20 Taylor's offering. Pastas are roughly up to the neighborhood Italian on a good night.
                    I don't remember the drink prices - probably about $10 for a Martini. I would suggest asking for it "very cold" as the bar can be inconsistent. Just go for the experience; high food expectations will really ruin it for you.

                2. The ground level patio at Ciudad has a gorgeous view. Good drinks and food as well.

                  1. One year ago I got this rec but have not been there yet. I don't even know if it is still there. But the link below for Asia de Cuba in the Mondrian in WeHo states it has great views of the city from the patio. Not sure of what part of the city. My thanks to " New Trial"

                    Link: http://www.chinagrillmgt.com/adecLA/i...

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                        I've eaten here and it was absolutely divine. Their desserts especially were spectacular. My friend had the flan, and I tasted it and it was delicious. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone, and they do have a great view as well. (We ate there during lunchtime, and the outdoor patio is right next to the pool, so throughout our meal certain members of our party would get distracted by the beautiful people in swimsuits...)

                      2. How about the Restaurant at the Getty Center?

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                          gonna check out Getty tomorrow since i got reservation about a week ago :D

                        2. Try WP24 at LA Live or Perch on Hill St.

                          900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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                            I concur with Perch on Hill St. by Pershing Square. WP24, I don't know if it's open for lunch, but it's open for dim sum on Sundays.

                            Another suggestion would be Takami Sushi on the 26th Floor of the building it's in at Wilshire & Flower. It has an outdoor dining space and has great views. Food isn't bad.

                          2. Older post, but here's my 2 cents:
                            City Club on Bunker Hill, WP24, Takami.

                            900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

                            1. WP24. It's way up high. And the food's good.

                              900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

                              1. If you like sushi/Japanese, Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant at 811 Wilshire Blvd
                                Ste 2100 (21st Floor) has outstanding views and well presented food. Full bar too. Some of the best views from Downtown.

                                Robata Bar
                                1401 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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                                1. re: BSW6490

                                  Old topic, but I would go some place in Sunset Plaza.

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                                    A thread from 2007 revived? Too bad OP didn't report back. Just to say, as BSW6490, suggests Takami Susi and Robata Restaurant on the 21st floor has a patio with a Lounge and some dinner seating too. It has plexiglass so you don't fall over the edge of the wallless side of the building. It's pretty cool and there's a view down over the pool at the Standard Hotel.

                                    The happy hour is good with the bar menu 1/2 price M-F 4 to 7 and Sat/Sun 5 to 7.

                                    Click on the chow link to see a pic of the lounge.Don't know why it won't come up like the others.

                                    Standard Hotel
                                    550 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

                                  2. Well, you don't go there for the food (apps are OK), but the rooftop bar at the Standard Downtown has my favorite views of the skyscrapers. I like getting there before disk, so you can see the transition. It is about mid height on the bigger buildings, so you really feel nestled in amongst the lights when it gets dark.

                                    1. I <3 the Perch! You should definitely check it out.

                                      1. I've been to Takami. Not bad food. Great view. Not the most romantic if that's what you're going for. Modern.