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May 12, 2007 12:41 AM

best restaurant with view of downtown skyscrapes?

anyone get ideas?

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    1. re: tony michaels

      thanks, but looks like there are not many choices... :(

    2. for me...there are only two.

      one from above: window
      one from ground: patio of cafe pinot

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        1. re: leonany

          imo......i never had a bad meal there. i think they are above average and there service has always been great! and no corkage for byo. i been there many times and always take my own bottles but ...i always take bottles that are not on their wine list and offer it to our waiter , bartender and who ever is around :)
          here is the link to their menu

          1. re: rickym13

            You can bring your own bottle of wine? I tried to find any information about that on the website but couldn't find any mention of byob.

            1. re: Claus1100xx

              yes...all of the patina group has no corkage policy except for patina.

      1. Also from Joachim Splichal, Nick and Stef's, in the Wells Fargo building, gives you the feeling you are sitting right in the middle of the skyscrapers, especially from the cocktail lounge, which has a terrific happy hour (good food and drink specials, miles above that of McCormick and Schmick down the street). It may not be an aerial or distant view, but it's a pretty cool effect.

        1. City Club on Bunker Hill - Best View. 54th Floor of the Wells Fargo building. It's a private club.

          LA Prime steakhouse at the Bonaventure - Great view. About 20 (19?) floors lower than the City Club. Decent steaks... not the best, but serviceable.

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          1. re: woojink

            thanks guys, gonna check them out, also any of you tried Checkers UPTown Bar? how does it compare?(i mean the view)

          2. Would you settle for a beautiful view that only reveals part of the downtown landscape? The food and drinks at Blue Velvet along with the view will not leave you disappointed.