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temecula wineries?

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wondering if it is worth visiting the temecula wineries? what's your recommentations?

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  1. if you like wine, any winery is worth visiting =)
    temecula's wineries are pretty packed together so its not like napa.

    i just got some wine off wine.woot last week from Stuart Cellars and the people that have tried it already have said its rather excellent.


    1. I was wondering the same thing! What is it like this time of year? Is it still pretty picturesque and worth visiting? Off-season?

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        sometimes as early as july to end of august is harvest for most temecula (california) wineries. Right now i bet you could go and you'll see little buds of grape going.

        i went to napa in March and it was sad seeing all the barren grape vines =)

      2. not to come off sounding like snob but.....NO. not sure where you are traveling from but if you are in l.a. area...go 2 hr north to pinot country instead

        1. I tend to go for sweeter white wines personally and on my last trip out there a few weeks ago, had a great time at Ponte Winery

          IMO, It's a nice way to spend a day !

          1. I've always liked Wilson's Almond Champagne. The rest kind of depends on your tastes so how about giving us a few clues about your likes and dislikes.

            1. Depending on where you live..but I think it is always fun to try something new once and experience it for yourself. I have had fun every time....cannot go wrong tasting wine and enjoying the So. Cal. sun.