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May 11, 2007 10:45 PM

temecula wineries?

wondering if it is worth visiting the temecula wineries? what's your recommentations?

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  1. if you like wine, any winery is worth visiting =)
    temecula's wineries are pretty packed together so its not like napa.

    i just got some wine off wine.woot last week from Stuart Cellars and the people that have tried it already have said its rather excellent.


    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I was wondering the same thing! What is it like this time of year? Is it still pretty picturesque and worth visiting? Off-season?

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          sometimes as early as july to end of august is harvest for most temecula (california) wineries. Right now i bet you could go and you'll see little buds of grape going.

          i went to napa in March and it was sad seeing all the barren grape vines =)

        2. not to come off sounding like snob but.....NO. not sure where you are traveling from but if you are in l.a. area...go 2 hr north to pinot country instead

          1. I tend to go for sweeter white wines personally and on my last trip out there a few weeks ago, had a great time at Ponte Winery

            IMO, It's a nice way to spend a day !