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May 11, 2007 08:50 PM

Odyssey Grill - Winthrop MA

I was waiting for my lost luggage at Logan airport and went for a drive.
Got lost and ended up over on the beach area in Winthrop and stopped to eat.
I got the souvlaki and it was awesome!! Really flavorful soft meat, good greek dressing in a gyro wrap with lettuce and tomato.
It was the best gyro I have ever had, beating out the former Armand's on the American University campus in DC. Even the fries were fresh and seasoned with something other than Old Bay. Very good stuff, and the girl behind the counter was cute too.
I had trouble remembering what the name of the place was after I left bit I tracked it down by looking up the laundromat that's next door.

Odyssey Grill Inc.
63 Main St # B, Winthrop, MA
(617) 846-7200

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  1. Thanks for posting about the place,
    but special thanks for posting so very complete and to even include a map link.
    I, and possibly many others, really appreciate a thorough positive thinking poster.
    Hope this rubs off.
    Thanks again !!!!!!!!

    1. Love your style - you were given lemons and made lemonade! Hope you got your luggage.