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May 11, 2007 08:19 PM

Queen of Sheba - review

Hello..... I ate at Queen of Sheba this evening (10th avenue btwn 46th and 45th). Two of us ordered the Kitfo and Misir Wot (lentils) drank 4 beers and the bill including tax and tip was $48. The two entrees were more than plenty and very satisfying. I have only eaten Ethiopian once prior to this evening at Awash (Amsterdam and 106th). The food was equally delicious, fun and curious. The atmosphere at Queen of Sheba was more lively and they have 'traditional' (?) basket tables for parties of 4. As fun as the tables seemed, they looked very uncomfortable to dine at. The only disappointment at Queen of Sheba is their limited raw beef selections and their limited combination platters. They only offered two combination platters: vegetarian and meat (all cooked). The service was attentive and friendly.

Hopefully this helps anyone curious .....

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  1. Yeah those woven basket tables look cool until you see how everything has to be placed when you sit at them. Better to sit at the tables.