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May 11, 2007 08:04 PM

SEA Outdoor Brunch?


Looking for a place to eat brunch outside that is not the Hi Spot. Love it there but need variety! Any suggestions?


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  1. Portage Bay Cafe, Cafe Campagne, and Macrina on Queen Anne all have at least a few outdoor tables and serve up a yummy brunch.

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    1. re: jennypenne

      Jenny, thanks! Where are Portage Bay's outdoor tables?

      1. re: shitake

        So, if you walk into Portage Bay and hang a right, keep walking and you'll hit the patio. It's a nice little patio with a handful of tables. Enjoy!

    2. Volterra in Ballard does a nice brunch and has an outdoor patio.

      1. The Chow Foods places mostly have balconies.

        1. 35th Street Bistro in Fremont has outdoor dining and serves a good brunch.

          1. Bing's in Madison Park does brunch on Saturday and Sunday. It's located about a block before Madison ends at Lake Washington. Sometimes there are families with kids inside but if you sit outside on a weekend with nice weather you'll enjoy it. Then take a walk through the park to the lake shore, you be glad you're not in Kansas anymore...Toto.