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May 11, 2007 07:37 PM

Help me find Bells Beer

Hi all,
I'm from Michigan and really miss Bells Beer, especially the summer brew, Oberon. I've even gone as far as packing a suitcase full when I flew home a few months ago. I also filled up the trunk of the car w/ this beer last month when I drove cross country.

Has anyone seen this beer in California? Has anyone had this beer or any Bells before?

Please Help!

Go Pistons-Swiff

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  1. I'm from Chicago, and I love Bell's - the Third Coast Old Ale is fantastic. I really haven't seen any Bell's out here, though. Maybe Beltramos down in Menlo?

    1. I'm from Michigan as well and am fairly certain I had Bell's at Mad Dog in the Fog in the Lower Haight. It would have been years ago, but worth calling them.

      1. Good lord, man. Bottled beer?

        Try your local microbrewery - you'll have no need for old beer haulin' A from East of the Rockies. Thirsty Bear in San Francisco.

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        1. re: Waterboy

          I think it's a sentimental regional thing...sort of like a Californian missing Anchor Steam or Sierra Nevada.

          1. re: Waterboy

            Bell's is fantastic, and worth searching out. Unfortunately, I don't think they have any distribution on the West Coast:
            The Two Hearted Ale is fantastic, as are the winter white ale and Third Coast Ale.
            Another midwest brewery that is sadly missing west coast distribution is Three Floyds, whose Gumballhead wheat beer is practically a cult item.

            1. re: Leadbelly

              Bell's make fantastic beers with very individual character. Thirsty Bear is fine but hardly a substitute.

              I've never seen Bell's out here. I have always had to rely on my trips to Detroit or Chicago to have some. I think your shipping techniques are as good as you can do.

              While we're at it, anybody want to franchise a Buddy's Pizza out here? And then serve some Bell's on tap? That would be a slice of Detroit heaven!


              1. re: mdg

                No what would be heaven is a 24 hour Lafayette Coney Island. No more of this effete sausage stuff but a good overcooked frank with cheap chili and onions.
                Breakfast for the hard working night shift ambulance crew from Detroit General

                1. re: wolverine61

                  Ok, I was being cynical. Detroit heaven would have Gus's, from New Hellas,
                  rice pudding with raisins. Not the usual version and described by George, the
                  waiter, as looking like dead flies. But the regular was noted by Elmore Leonard in "Pagan Babies" to be the best in town.

                  1. re: wolverine61

                    I went to school in Kzoo (WMU) and was just talking with someone last night about Michiganders living out here packing away Bells in their suitcase on the flights home. I'd love to be able to walk down the street to pick up a sixer of Oberon, Two Hearted or (my favorite) Porter.