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May 11, 2007 07:29 PM

Mushroom exploitation and abuse

The Woburn WFM started carrying extremely expensive mushrooms this spring, but without a clue how to handle them. Sometimes the mushrooms are out in the open with produce that periodically gets sprayed with water. They quickly become rotten and soggy, but the $18+ per ounce price tag doesn't move. Often they're held at temperatures much too cold, so they become dried out and limp. Still no change in price. Other times you'll see them shrink wrapped and rotting.
If it's going to carry high-end, highly perishable ingredients like this, WFM should educate itself and consumers about best handling and preparation. Do demos, distribute recipes, move the product. Or don't bother.

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  1. This is a good point and good post, I've certainly seen this at WF many times... all those morels and chanterelles going bad, partly because the price is too high, doesn't seem sensible to me either. Seeing WF change their pricing or procedures would be something of a dream come true though.

    1. Yes. I bought some really good morels in the Bedford WF last weekend, but in the bin next to them were some rather spoiled porcinis which I would have loved if they were in better shape.

      1. In season, Savenor's has excellent morels and chanterelles. And they treat them right.

        1. Agreed! I was so thrilled to see fresh wood ear there, but you can't count on the quality. Russo's in Watertown is my go-to when I need to load up on fancy shrooms at a reasonable price, and they're always perfect.

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            The morels at Russo's this past week were in pretty bad shape, I was surprised, because everything else looked great. Has anyone tried the bluefoot mushrooms?

            Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge has beautiful morels for $18/lb. Pricy but you don't need a lot of morels for a sauce -- I had chicken thighs with shallots and morels with a splash of cream and they were definitely worth the price. I love spring!

          2. Good porchini at the Newton Centre WF today, soggy chanterelles and morels - they'd all be sold at half the price.