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May 11, 2007 07:27 PM

Best Bloody Mary at Brunch?

It's been awhile, but I've fallen off the wagon again. The last great one I had was at Zoe's on Prince.

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  1. I live in Texas, so I know a great spicy Bloody Mary, but the BEST ones I've had are at Mesa Grill...Perfect proportions of all the ingredients...

    1. Prune, though I would only recommend going if you are doing an early brunch since the wait can be a pain.

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      1. re: scanditrash

        Prune gets a lotta grief but their bloody mary is indeed excellent...

      2. Ditch Plains. I love it so much, it's the reason I keep going back.

        1. Prune does have great Bloody Mary's (particularly the little beer chaser that comes with it) but the line can be excruciatingly long. In Williamsburg is a little brunch place called Teddy's-- the food is mediocre to good-- but their Bloody Mary's are a hidden treaure. Garnished with a cornichon, pickled carrot, celery, and two types of olives. It's a meal in itself and worth the trip out to Brooklyn.

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            Arguing over "the best" bloody mary is about like arguing over The Best Pizza in New York. However, having said that, Good (on greenwich ave) has a very good chipotle flavored bloody mary. Whenever I'm on my way to Good for brunch I start thinking about it...

          2. Here are two relatively recent bloody mary threads (the latter mostly about Prune). The Prune bloody mary, crammed with a huge assortment of pickled vegetables, is great.


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                Thanks for all the suggestions hounds. I'm going to have fun hitting all these places among others in the next month.