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Best Bloody Mary at Brunch?

It's been awhile, but I've fallen off the wagon again. The last great one I had was at Zoe's on Prince.

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  1. I live in Texas, so I know a great spicy Bloody Mary, but the BEST ones I've had are at Mesa Grill...Perfect proportions of all the ingredients...

    1. Prune, though I would only recommend going if you are doing an early brunch since the wait can be a pain.

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        Prune gets a lotta grief but their bloody mary is indeed excellent...

      2. Ditch Plains. I love it so much, it's the reason I keep going back.

        1. Prune does have great Bloody Mary's (particularly the little beer chaser that comes with it) but the line can be excruciatingly long. In Williamsburg is a little brunch place called Teddy's-- the food is mediocre to good-- but their Bloody Mary's are a hidden treaure. Garnished with a cornichon, pickled carrot, celery, and two types of olives. It's a meal in itself and worth the trip out to Brooklyn.

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            Arguing over "the best" bloody mary is about like arguing over The Best Pizza in New York. However, having said that, Good (on greenwich ave) has a very good chipotle flavored bloody mary. Whenever I'm on my way to Good for brunch I start thinking about it...

          2. Here are two relatively recent bloody mary threads (the latter mostly about Prune). The Prune bloody mary, crammed with a huge assortment of pickled vegetables, is great.


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                Thanks for all the suggestions hounds. I'm going to have fun hitting all these places among others in the next month.

            1. Thanks guys. The BM at Ditch Plains was fantastic, even at the $12 price tag. it was rich, spicy, with the perfect consistency.

              Next stop, Prune.

              1. The Bloody Mary at Daddy O on Bedford street is my favorite. It's a bar, but they also have food - the burger is delicious and comes with tater tots.

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                  freemans...just a perfect bloody mary.

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                    Ken's Broome Street Bar in SoHo is my personal favorite. It's simple but perfectly done. Each bloody is hand made using the correct tomato juice (sacramento). Also, cheaper than most @ $7.50.

                  2. I think how good the Prune one is depends upon which of the many varieties you choose to get, and just how traditional/untraditional you prefer yours to be.

                    For a more traditional one, Devin Tavern does their own freshly grated horseradish, as well as fresh tomato juice. Very tasty, and I don't care for bloodys at all.