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May 11, 2007 06:18 PM

paris 1er arrondissement

incredibly have been to the 1st arrondissement many times , but other than L'Absinthe, still havent found that certain restaurant we would like to return to every time........I would say our budget is around E150 for two , but we could stretch it if needed,,,,,,not necessarily looking for Senderens/Lucas Carton etc etc just something memorable in terms of food........we are also open to travelling to the 2me or the 9me if its worth our while, or crossing the Seine etc etc ....but sometimes its nice just to walk to dinner.....Carre des Feuillants is just a bit too precious for us as is Pinxo.........anyone know Chez Clovis? Pied au Cochon too touristy

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  1. 100 meters away from l'absinthe, round the corner, you'll find Les Cartes Postales. Decor is just OK, and the servive could sometimes be better but as for the food it is excellent. Yet another Japanese chef runs this place and have mastered french cuisine. Foie gras, sweetbreads, crayfish, and many other excellent dish are prepared. The nice thing is that you can request half portions so that you can get more courses and taste a little bit of his of everything. Definitenly worth a try.

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      Excellent suggestions. I found Japanese chef apprenticed in France has more truthfulness to the soul of classic French cooking.

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        Agree 100%. This is my favorite restaurant in Paris for price/quality. Last valentines day we ordered 2 apreritifs, 25cl bottle white wine, 25cl bttle red wine, 2 appetizers 2 fish dishes and 2 meats plus desserts came to 130 euros. Michelin level ingredients and preparations. This chef is truely talented and you can tell by his dishes he has a lot of pride in what he does.

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          thank you do you have a fax number for them (did you take card last time you were there)? I cannot distinguish on the web between their phone number and their fax...some websites have it one way and some have it the other way thank you

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            Their fax number: +33 1 42 61 02 93.

        2. Well, I just love Macéo at 15 rue des Petit Champs, and its big sister, Willi's Wine Bar next door. reasonable prices, and always delicious food. You can also walk into Willi's most times.

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            Thanks to Chef June's wisdom, I can also highly recommend Willi's.