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May 11, 2007 06:11 PM

Best Dim Sum

I have only been to Vip Harbor Seafood on Wilshire. How about others

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  1. almost any place in SGV

    New Capital
    Sea Harbour


    1. CBS Seafood, 700 N. Spring St., L. A., Chinatown

      Excellent selection, fresh and delicious, always.

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      1. re: Barbara Ladden

        Would you say that CBS Seafood is better than Empress Pavilion? I'm new to dim sum; I've only had it once, at Empress. Some things were really great while others fell a little flat.

        1. re: megalope

          Empress is really bad, in my opinion. The SGV is worth the drive from the westside.

          1. re: megalope

            I agree with SauceSupreme completely; Empress Pavilion is not one of the better dim sum joints. CBS is much, much better than EP and is arguably the best dim sum in Chinatown.

            1. re: megalope

              I had been to Empress Pavilion many times and finally stopped because of huge crowds and long waits, and the dim sum wasn't worth it. Then we discovered CBS where the longest wait, if any, is less than 10min. The dim sum is always fresh and hot. If it isn't hot, the waitress will take it to the kitchen. They are very accommodating. Good food, good prices. Not long ago we went back to Empress Pavilion and Ocean Seafood 1 time each to see how they compare to CBS and each was a bad experience. Poor service and food, and expensive. CBS wins every time.

          2. If you want to stay in L.A. proper then CBS and Empress are only passable, with Empress maybe slightly better than CBS, although unbearably crowded.

            No place in L.A. can compare to any of the places just east of L.A. in San Gabriel Valley as mentioned

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            1. re: hch_nguyen

              Very true SGV beats any other place. We ate last Sunday at Elite (former New Concept) and it was great all was tasty. We actually like this one better than Sea Harbour now which was our fave for the past two years or so. Sea Harbour on Rosemead seems to have slipped lately....And the service has gotten a lot worse...

              1. re: monkey

                Seem like Elite in SGV got mentioned a few time... where is it located at? I've been to all mentioned (888 / NBC / Kitchen / New Capital /Sea Harbour) but Elite :-)

                1. re: kelvlam

                  Elite Restaurant
                  700 S. Atlantic Blvd.
                  Monterey Park

                  near NBC...

                2. re: monkey

                  Yeah, Elite's a fantastic place. Apparently, the guy cooking there is the original chef of Triumphal Palace. You'll spot alot of similar dishes like his sauteed mushrooms, vegetarian duck meat plate and the excellent egg white fried rice with shredded dried scallops.

                  1. re: jackkirby

                    He (Chef Chan?) does not do the dim sum dishes, however. At least not when he was at Triumphal Palace.

                3. re: hch_nguyen

                  Seriously, drive another 2-3 miles to SGV. The closest places are just off Atlantic.... New Concept, NBC and Ocean Star (crowded). The wait at Empress Pavilion can be worse than a regular day at the DMV.

                4. definitely NOT 888... terrible service and dont bother going in after 1pm where they clean up quite early.

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                  1. re: lapchern

                    Agreed! We were not impressed by 888 or empress on last visit. Ugh!

                  2. I love Ocean Star but you have to show up before 10:00 am or you will have one hell of a wait.