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May 11, 2007 06:05 PM

Django goes Kennet Square

Had lunch there today and later did take out dinner. Went with a fellow poster who may chime in.

Chicken salad at lunch was good, fresh, unexceptional. Small portion for $6. Would not recommend traveling there for lunch.

Take out dinner appears to be a great value. I had the shrimp risotto and it was awesome. I can still taste the flavors. A smoky taste which I am guessing was influenced by shrimp stock. No matter, it was as good as it gets.

Also excellent cheese selections.

Have more take outs in the fridge for later this weekend. Will report back.

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  1. If you visit Talula's table in Kenneth Square, certainly try some of the charcuterie. The duck sausage's filling is like pate.

    The smoked scallops are highly recommended.