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May 11, 2007 05:57 PM

Better ____ in Pasadena/SGV region?

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Pasadena, but have spent the last 18 living elsewhere in the country (currently Bay Area). Whenever I visit my parents back at home in Altadena, which I am doing this weekend, we go to the same ol' restaurants, time after time. Can you please help me expand their repertoire? They don't like to spend a lot of money on dinners out and don't want to have to drive more than 20 minutes from their house in Altadena.

Here is where we USUALLY go when I'm in town. Any suggestions for DIFFERENT, possibly BETTER places try in these same categories, to get them out of their rut?

* Thai: PresidentTwo in on Colorado Pasadena

* Homestyle Japanese: Masa on Colorado in Pasadena (my parents tried the trendy, made-over Masa, and didn't like it; they're Japanese American and want something more old school)

* Sushi Japanese: Ai on Fair Oaks in South Pas (again, they're old school and don't want to go somewhere loud with too-crazy sushi)

* Vietnamese: Golden Deli

* Chinese: Fu Shing on Colorado in Pasadena

* Mexican: Acapulco, the original in Pasadena (ugh)

* Middle Eastern: Lebanese Kitchen on Washington in Pasadena

* Pizza: Domenicos on Washington in Pasadena (would want a good takeout place nearby)

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  1. Try my website. It contains information about numerous restaurants in the area:

    1. I love GO CHINA - Lake and Walnut South of Ralphs same side of the street. I park at that end of the parking lot. They'll deliver too and I have NEVER had a problem of them mixing up a delivered order. For Pizza, I like Tarantinos- very casual. Very busy and inexpensive. Family place. Green and Hudson - (626) 796-7836 784 E Green St

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        Go China rates below disgusting for me. I work right next door and no one out of 250 people in my office would even dare enter this place.It is cheap I have gone twice inthe past two years and second time was worse than the first. It gives Americanized Chinese food a bad name. I ordered Orange chicken and was all dark meat and fat. Rice is the cheapest I have ever had at a Chinese place and with real food minutes away in Alhambra, San Gabriel, Rosemead this place is an embarrassment. But the water was good....

      2. Thai - there is no good thai in Pasadena

        Homestyle Japanese: Sakana in Arcadia

        Sushi Japanese: Yoshida in San Marino

        Vietnamese: Golden Deli is a can't miss; Vietnam House right across the street is good as well.

        Chinese: Why not try some place in Monterey Park or Alhambra? Maybe Triumphal Palace in Alhambra?

        Mexican: El Portal

        Middle Eastern: Wahib's in Alhambra

        Pizza: Zelo's Pizza in Arcadia (dine-in and takeout)

        1. I've lived most of my adult life in Asia, particularly Japan and China, and have been in the Altadena/Pasadena area for the past 6 years. Here are my suggestions:

          Thai: Saladang in Pasadena
          Homestyle Japanese: Suehiro Cafe in Little Tokyo
          Sushi Japanese: Sushi Gen
          Chinese: Yes, Fu Shing (Szechwanese food via Taiwan)
          Mexican: El Huarache Azteca (York Blvd., L.A., near Eagle Rock)
          Middle Eastern: Shish Kebab Express (Washington in Pasadena; better than Lebanese Kitchen!)
          Pizza: Casa Bianca (on Colorado in Eagle Rock)

          1. For sushi: I second Yoshida in San Marino. Sakana in Arcadia used to be awesome, but has gone downhill after the change of ownership.

            For Chinese, go to Arcadia:
            Full House on Golden West/Duarte for dim sum or Cantonese seafood
            Chang's Garden on Duarte/Baldwin for northern cuisine food (i.e. kung pao, hot & sour)
            Din Tai Fung for soup dumplings in Arcadia on Baldwin Ave. (go early or risk a long wait)

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              agree with all the chinese recc in the previous post. the soup dumplings are hard to get on the weekends and not available on weekdays. the juicy pork dumpling is the main attraction here.