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Stone Road Grille, NOTL

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Hi there, we are off to the Prince of Wales at the end of May and have a reservation at the Stone Road Grille. Any recommendations on food to order, or not to order? Thanks

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  1. Haven't had this year's menu yet. (They usually change annually.) Am going Saturday night and will report back then. It's one of my favorite places in the region....!

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      Stone Road Grille has opened a beautiful new extension so it will no longer be so hard to get a table.
      Dinner last night was great, as always. Our party had mussels, scallop risotto and arugula salad to start. Risotto was especially delicious, moist, cooked just right.
      Main courses: Pork three ways (shoulder, belly, bubble 'n' squeak) was a knockout. Salmon very tasty and Lamb Shank fall-off-the-bone tender with a densely flavored sauce.
      Minor disappointment at dessert: the vanilla pannacotta with stewed rhubarb was too little rhubarb and too bland a pannacotta. On other hand, Mini ice-cream cones with four different fruit sorbets was a knockout.
      Bottom line: virtually everything is good. The place remains ace, with cheerful smart service, even at the height of the Saturday night rush.