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May 11, 2007 04:50 PM

Calling all Moms

What would be your ideal mother's day---food wise? What would you like (or like to make yourself) for breakfast/brunch or for a nice dinner&dessert?

Dh thought Mother's Day was next week and confessed tonight that he might need some input from me as far as food goes. So I can pretty much get away with requesting anything. That, and I'd like some new ideas.

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  1. you can request to him your favorite food! some nice staeak or just as little as having a little picnic with him on your patio! or spagetti is always good!

    1. Breakfast- Huevos Rancheros or Bananas Foster French Toast.

      1. Question...can he cook well?

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          1. My in-laws are coming for brunch and I'm serving one of my favorite meals -- bagels, cream cheese, lox and whitefish salad (from Russ & Daughters here in NYC), tomato, onion. I'm making a cheese and sausage strata and I'm also making a really easy but delicious sour cream coffee cake.

            Then later for dinner we're meeting my sister and her family in Chinatown for a feast of a different sort.

            I have to laugh...2 traditional Jewish meals in 1 day -- Bagels and Chinese food! My favorites!

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              Your brunch sounds wonderful. Now I want bagels and sc coffee cake!

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                God, I love the whitefish salad from Russ & Daughters. When I visit NYC I frequently bring a cooler so that I can bring some home.

                You'd think a city the size of Chicago could support a decent smoked fish store, but no.

                1. re: lulubelle

                  We live relatively close to Russ & Daughters, but really don't get food from there too often (not for any reason). I sent my husband there this afternoon to pick up the food and when he got home, I had to have a taste of the whitefish salad. I had to control myself after just a taste because I could have kept going and there would have been none left for tomorrow! I gotta tell ya, I think it has crack in it!

                  And I just finished making my coffee cake. It smells soooo good (it's the cinnamon). And it's just so easy to make.