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May 11, 2007 04:35 PM

Attn: jfood...WHEN is Cherry Street East re-opening????

jfood, you seem to always have the latest on Cherry Street East. WHEN are they ever going to re-open????

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  1. Given the fact that the jfood burger stash in the freezer hit zero this week jfood drove by a few times this week. Lots of activity.

    The outside is still only Tyvek, but mechanicals seem to be moving along. Plumbers were there yesterday. Jfood would guess the timeframe is 4 weeks. Next friday night is Prom and jfood will see all the folks and will poke around.

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    1. re: jfood

      I saw the owner at the May Fair in NC yesterday. He said early July was a target date.

      1. re: Fairfield Foodie


        Your stock just went up in my book going to Mayfair, looked like way too many people. Watched them smoking ribs since thursday and Joe's hired HS kids to drive pizza over there. How were the ribs?

        1. re: jfood

          Went with the pulled pork and fresh corn from Walter Stewart's. Great stuff, as always.

          Fair is much more crowded than when I went as a kid, wish they'd make it a 2-day thing. But we had a great time regardless.

    2. As of this morning:

      - Windows are in and Siding going up on outside

      1. Hi jfood...hope all is going well for you. How is it looking up there for Cherry Street? I called information for a number and was given one for a "Cherry Street West". Has the name changed? Are they open yet?

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        1. re: jshap

          No name change, looks good, siding is complete, interior work continues, they hope for a July 4th reopening, does not look like it will happen, but def before August.

          1. re: Fairfield Foodie

            jfood passed twice late last week. he agrees with FF that a late july looks like the anticipated "fire them up boys" date.

        2. It's open. Same architecture...NOT SAME HAMBURGERS. We went yesterday with my husband...horrible! We ate at the bar, I asked for a cosmopolitan, the barman pour my drink in the glass and leave half full cocktail next to my glass...minutes later I realized the drink wasn't there. I asked him about it and he said "oh yes...I took it away"
          Then...we asked for 2 hamburgers medium rare...they were well done. Then...the menu says the hamburgers came with 'chips'. The barman asked us "do you want French fries, sweet potatoes fries or onion rings??". When we got the check...that option was 2 more dollars. The guacamole of my hamburger was OLD, dark, no tasty.
          It looks like the chef and the good service got burned with the fire!!!
          DON'T GO!

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          1. re: masama


            given this is your first post, welcome to the boards. sorry you did not enjoy:

            - did you ask the brtend to remake?
            - did you send the burgers back?
            - the menu specifically states chips and the menu also specifically states the price of fries and onion rings
            - guac oxidizes to a darker green in about 10 minutes

            burgers are still great.

            so where do you like?

          2. Here's a link to other reviews since the re-opening