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May 11, 2007 04:10 PM


No, not the solid edible emulsion of fat obtained from churning cream -- the restaurant on S. Green Street. Next to impossible to find a review of Butter on this site due to the archive's baffling search limitations.

We may have reason for a nice celebratory dinner in the coming weeks, and my wife said she's heard a lot about Butter. Any Hounds up for filling me in?

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  1. There are a few comments in these topics:

    Maybe others can also comment.

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      My wife and I went there last weekend. I was underwhelmed. Great view of Sears Tower (at least until the condos across the street go up), but the food and service were just ok. My wife thought I was being too hard on the place, but I think there are better options for the money.

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      1. Butter seems to be going for the cheaper version of restaurants like Tru. Went on a business dinner a few months ago.

        I found the waitstaff to be extremely, extremely nice. From the parking attend/waiter, to the bartender, to our server...all young /eager
        The price was expensive for what you really get and some of the presentations looked like they were trying too hard and a bit too contrived as they were trying for that upscale small portion look. The food was tasty but not exceptional.