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May 11, 2007 03:43 PM

PORTLAND -- Best Outdoor Happy Hour?

It's looking like that time of year... sitting outside with a cool cocktail and small plate foods... what are your favorites? (actual 'happy hour' deals / menus not necessary!)


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    1. re: extramsg

      Pambiche has great food but no cocktails, just some wine drinks (like sangria) and a few beer choices...and sitting outside Pambiche isn't exactly scenic. It's worth it for the food and the prices for the food, though, no doubt.

      Carlyle has a few outside tables - great drinks, great food.

      VQ is a bit more scenic, to be sure, nice patio area.

      Fenouil has a happy hour and quite a few tables outside and it's actually nice out there because it faces a little park.

      1. re: JillO

        Actually I would enjoy sitting outside of both Pambiche and Fenouil, but they're almost polar opposites in terms of atmosphere, so it depends on what type of experience you want. Pambiche is kind of funky verging on gritty. It has several tables on the sidewalk facing NE Glisan under an arcade. If it's busy, as it often is, there will be a lot of people there waiting for tables, and the atmosphere is pretty lively.

        Fenouil epitomizes the Pearl district. It has a fairly large patio area on Jamison square, which is an urban park (no grass, but a water feature in which kids are apt to be playing). Sitting out there would be quite pleasant.

    2. VQ patio and Harborside for scenery and happy hour specials

      1. Beaches, just across the I-5 bridge on the river in Vancouver.

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        1. re: Cosby

          Carlyle's pomegranate ribs and one of Derick's cocktails....mmm. Oh, and some nice, quiet, outdoor tables. Yep, been there, done that, will do it again...and again. : )

          1. re: Kim D

            I love Carlyle's happy hour (those ribs rock and the drinks are awesome - both the chef and the bartender are talented) too....also again, and again! And get some of those great $1.95 duck fat fries to go with those ribs! ;o)

            Another nice spot to sit outside is at Cafe Castagna. They also have good drinks and tasty eats. They do not have a happy hour menu or hours, it would just be sitting outside when they open (which is 5pm...though the rumor is that they will start lunch service soon).

            Wild Abandon has a nice outside deck and a happy hour menu, but I find the tables a bit too close and it gets crowded quickly.

            1. re: JillO

              you had me at duck fat fries! They sound like my idea of heaven!

              1. re: anhdeluxe

                no kidding!! I am going to try them ASAP !

                Thanks everyone... some new spots to try,
                and reminders of old favorites as well! 8)


        2. I like to go to Paddy's - downtown on Yamhill near 1st

          1. la calaca has a great happy hour menu, and a sweet low-brow backyard.

            best quesadillas in town. nopale salad, flautas, all around 2 or 3 bucks.