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What is bottarga?

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  1. it's a dried fish roe made from tuna or mullet that is sold that can be shaved/grated/sliced over salads, pasta, eggs, etc. it's great stuff.

    i'm thinking a crisp white as well ... i've got a bottle of naia in that will work if i can't think of anything else.

    1. Bottarga is grey mullet roe - dried/pressed - a speciality from Sardinia - and Sicily maybe? I think it is also found in southern France - "bottargue". Absolutely a delicious delicacy - wonderful shave on pasta.

      1. I'm not sure if I know how to insert links, but here goes:

        This is from the San Francisco Chronicle -
        Bottarga captures Bay Area's fancy

        And here's a place that sells it -
        Gustiamo bottarga

          1. Bottarga is one of my favorite food items. There are many fish whose roe can be dried and pressed into bottarga. MMRuth mentions mullet, but I had bottarga di tono earlier this year on some gnocchi in an Albacore dish......stellar. It can be tricky to locate and purchase; a good place to start would be an authentic Italian market, possibly having them bring it in for you. Hopefully there is one in your city, give it a try! If you see it on a restaurant menu, go for it, or ask the server to ask the chef where he gets his and piggyback a small order through him.

            1. Not sure if this is totally correct but in my experience the bottarga in Sardinia tends to be grey mullet and in Sicily it tends to be tuna. I'm sure neither is exclusive but in the delis it has tended to be that way round.

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                I've been told that the grey mullet one is supposed to be more of a delicacy than the tuna one - but I've not tried the latter.

              2. Oh, as long as we're on the subject, how do you store it and how long does it keep? I have a little vacuum-packed piece in my fridge, and I'm not sure how long I can keep it!

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                  Keeps for ages. After I've opened the vacuum pack, I wrap the piece I haven't used in saran wrap, then foil, then put in a zip lock back.

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                      It can dry out a bit over time, but that does not seem to affect the flavor - you just get a more powdery "product" when you grate it, which is how my husband has seen it served in some restaurants.

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                        What would you use to shave it with - a microplane?

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                          I use a truffle shaver. It works for the Italian bottarga as well as the Taiwanese/Japanese version..lightly toasted then sliced. Works really well if you want to have it stay in the rectangular shape. You can adjust the thickness somewhat.

                2. This was on Martha Stewart today and I thought it looked so good, I did a little research. Of course I wound up back here so I'm resurrecting this thread.

                  The recipe looks so unique. If you try it before I get a chance to.....please report back.

                  Bucatini with Breadcrumbs and Bottarga