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May 11, 2007 02:44 PM

Best food tidbit to get my hubby to bring me back from The City.

My husband is going to be there for a few days to judge in the Northwest Sam Adams Longshot Homebrew competition. I don't get to go, I can't get off work and someone has to babysit the old, incontinent dog.

I am therefore going to guilt him into bringing me something munchy back.. What should it be?

Cowgirl Creamery Cheese? Some sort of candy? Bread? Moon cakes?
anything really I MUST have?

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  1. Cowgirl Cheese and Richiuti (sp?) salted chocolate caramels

    1. Will your husband be there on a Saturday? It makes a big difference, because the Saturday Ferry Building Farmers' Market is an awesome place to buy food gifts.

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      1. All of the above?

        I'd encourage him to bring back a selection of gifts from the Ferry Building: Cowgirl cheese, Acme Bread, Ricchuitti chocolate, macarons (but nothing else) from Miette. If he can time his shopping with the Saturday farmers' market, then I'd ask him for Andante cheeses rather than Cowgirl and/or lemon quark from Springhill, and maybe Della Fattoria for bread instead of Acme.

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          I thought Miette made a darn good lemon tart actually. I do have a weakness for those tthough admittedly.

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            Oh yeah!! Andante is awesome. I forgot...

          2. There are so many different things that's food-related that would be nice. I think a lot depends on where you live, what you can't really get in your area that you crave, and what type of snack foods you're drawn to when traveling?

            You mentioned moon cakes, and I have to say that even though some Chinatown stores make them, this isn't the time of year to buy them. If your husband goes to Golden Gate Bakery on Grant Avenue, he could buy some melon cakes that's a traditional Chinese wedding cake that has a flakey exterior and slightly sweet melon interior. The variety of fillings are similar to what you'll find in moon cakes, except made into a flat, almost disc-like, cake with a flakey skin.

            I'd also second the Rechiutti chocolates or even Charles Chocolates because they're made in the Bay Area and very different than Godiva.

            1. I'd ask for some jam from June Taylor and honey from Marshall's (East Bay Wildflower if they've got it) along with most things mentioned here. -forget Miette and Recchuitti, IMHO.
              Have him stop at Fatted Calf for some jerky or salumi or fagatelli, maybe a half pound of Blue Bottle coffee beans, and some new crop almonds from Lagier.

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                From the Ferry Building, also you should try the olive oil from McEvoy...we buy it on line, but I know they have a booth inside the building....the stuff is great!!! OIL...GREAT!!!