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May 11, 2007 02:40 PM

Hungarian, Polish or Ukranian Restaurants in West End

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves the above type of food. Prefer West End, Etobicoke/Mississauga. All replies gratefully accepted. Thanks

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  1. There are lots of Polish food on Roncesvalle. I am not sure which one is better in particular. I am sure other posters can help you out.

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      Also don't know the names. Polonez is one I've gone to for years. Very simple, plain decor - almost looks like restaurants in Poland (yes, I've been). Best bet is to park your car on Roncesvalles, south of Bloor a few blocks, and walk. I think most are on the east side. Along the way you'll pass by one of my favourite dessert shops in TO (Queen of Tarts). There are also lots of polish delis and bakeries, so it's worth walking around.

      1. re: Mimimimimi

        Chopin is pretty good (although haven't been there in about a year). Solid Schniztel and sides. There is also a place on the north side Queensway near Royal York that can be quite tasty Izbah - great goulash and borscht, I've had great schnitzel there but I've also had so-so schnitzel there as well. Good value for price.

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          Second Polonez. Good eastern european home cooking. Perogies are great and the 'Hungarian' potato pancake (a huge potato pancake stuffed with Hungarian paprikash) is outstanding. Definitely go hungry.

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            Another vote for Polonez! Our reg. place use to be Izba but we took friends who were fans of Polonez there and they said the portions at Izba were skimpy (not the schnizel but everything else - progies, cabbage rolls, ect). We tried Polonez and have not been back to Izba since! Polonez has fantastic portions for great prices (entrees under $15).

      2. One place I like is Wally's Ukrainian food on Dundas near Kipling. It's in a strip mall, not great decor but some of the best periogis, cabbage rolls and breaded pork cutlets ever

        1. Amber in Bloor West Village (a couple blocks east of Jane) is pretty good. I love their pierogies.

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            I too love Amber. Great little family run restaurant. We love the cabbage rolls and potato pancakes.